Why was the Doritos Crash the Superbowl campaign successful?

Why was the Doritos Crash the Superbowl campaign successful?

The Crash the Super Bowl Contest went on for over 10 years until 2016, and it paved the way for user-generated content use in advertising. In using UGC, Doritos changed the course of TV marketing, bringing it back to the consumers to produce real, authentic content that the average person could relate to.

What was Doritos Crash the Super Bowl contest?

The Crash the Super Bowl contest was an annual online commercial competition run by Frito-Lay. Consumers were invited to create their own Doritos ads and each year, at least one fan-made commercial was guaranteed to air during the Super Bowl.

How many Dorito commercials were there in the Super Bowl?

Doritos Super Bowl Ad Stats. Forty-one Doritos Super Bowl commercials aired from 2022 to 1989 featuring 22 celebrities — most recently Matthew McConaughey in 2021 when he was 51 years old.

Did Doritos have a Super Bowl commercials?

Frito-Lay comes in hot with Cheetos-Doritos Super Bowl commercial. By Jon Springer. Published on February 01, 2022. Frito-Lay this morning released its anticipated Super Bowl ad starring Megan Thee Stallion and Charlie Puth, appearing as voices for jungle animals awakened by the taste of spicy snacks.

Did Doritos get rid of their logo?

The snack food brand plans to ditch its logo, replacing it with a recognizable triangle shape superimposed by the words; “Logo Goes Here” across it’s above the line, packaging and social channels.

Who is Doritos target audience?

Mogelonsky said Doritos target audience, those aged 12 to 17, are the most accepting of people different from them.

How does Doritos use social media?

Doritos implemented social media into their campaign in order to get their campaign to go viral and in order to participate in the voting of the competition. The website also has a feed of all social media posts that include the hash tag #CrashTheSuperBowl of posts relating to the competition.

Who was in Doritos Super Bowl commercial?

The national commercial starred Megan Thee Stallion and Charlie Puth, two trending artists in the pop culture ecosystem—an intelligent move for a big game campaign where “music plays a key role in Frito-Lay’s marketing approach.”

When was Doritos first Super Bowl commercial?

And of course, Doritos 3D’s original Super Bowl ad, “Laundromat,” debuted in 1998.

Who was in the Doritos Super Bowl commercial?

Is Doritos actually changing their logo 2021?

The crisp brand goes logo-free in an edgy new campaign. Tortilla chip brand Doritos is trying to get down with the kids by ditching its logo and tagline in a new campaign that aims to attract the attention of Gen Z.