Are hongi cichlids aggressive?

Are hongi cichlids aggressive?

“hongi” has been a rather aggressive, territorial cichlid in my aquariums, contrary to the benign specimens maintained by Conlking (1993). The aggression level is higher than two other Labidochromis species (L. caeruleus, L.

Is Red Top hongi aggressive?

They can be territorial and males will be aggressive towards their own species, so if housed in a group they will do best with one male and multiple females. They are mouth-brooders and will spawn in captivity. They can live with other semi-aggressive cichlid species.

Is hongi a Mbuna?

Hongi are herbivorous mbuna that strongly defend rocky territories (unlike Yellow Labs, another Labidochromis species). Males are a pale blue with subtle striping. Their dorsal fin is yellow-orange and bleeds into the body. Females will typically be brown, but can get some pale purple coloration depending on mood.

How big do hongi cichlids get?

about 5 inches
“Hongi” is an undescribed species of cichlid fish from Eastern Africa. Other names for the fish include kimpuma, Hongi red top and Hongi cichlid. It is well known in the aquarium trade. The maximum size of the species is about 5 inches for the males while the females stay around 3.5 inches.

How big do Hongi cichlids get?

What does the word Hongi mean?

The ‘Hongi’ is a traditional Maori greeting in New Zealand used by the Maori people. To hongi you press your nose and forehead together with the nose and forehead of the person you are greeting. Many people of Maori decent prefer to hongi, instead of shaking hands.

Do Mbuna like current?

Mbunas appreciate lots of flow, they even enjoy swimming in it like it is a game.

What does the word hongi mean?

What is an OB peacock cichlid?

OB is a term used for Malawi Cichlids with unique spotted patterns. It originated when a male Aulonocara was crossed with a female Mbuna. The OB gene occurs naturally in Mbunas, but was introduced to Peacocks and Haps by selective breeding. Much in the same way as dog breeds were created.