Can dark matter be weaponized?

Can dark matter be weaponized?

Star Trek Timeline [INTERACTIVE] Weaponized dark matter was dark matter that had been made into a weapon by converting it into a small sphere that could rip molecules at a subatomic level, thus killing an individual.

Can you get dark matter in real life?

Scientists have not yet observed dark matter directly. It doesn’t interact with baryonic matter and it’s completely invisible to light and other forms of electromagnetic radiation, making dark matter impossible to detect with current instruments.

Is dark matter magic?

In anime/manga Dark Matter has broad range of powers, including Form Manipulation/Elemental Manipulation. It isn’t associated with space, but more with “Supernatural” form of matter normally associated with Dark Energy Manipulation, various forms of Magic and Destructive Energy Manipulation.

Can dark matter create anything?

In short: dark matter creates dark matter. The idea is that at some point in the early stages of the Universe, dark matter particles were able to create more dark matter particles out of particles of regular matter, which would go some way to explaining why there’s now so much of the stuff about.

Can dark matter hurt us?

STRIKETHROUGH Hypothetical dark matter particles called “macros” could stream through space and constantly bombard Earth. Some could seriously injure any unlucky humans they pass through, but a lack of mysterious deaths suggests the biggest potential macros don’t exist.

How do I create dark matter?

Scientists have also been trying to create dark matter particles by crashing two high-energy protons into one another in the Large Hadron Collider, mimicking what might have occurred at the Big Bang when all these particles formed.

What happens if you’re exposed to dark matter?

Your atoms form molecules, molecules form cells, and cells form vitals that you can see with your eyes, like your organs. If all of your ordinary matter atoms switched to dark matter atoms, your physical body would disintegrate. Without ordinary matter, there would be nothing to glue your atoms together anymore.

Can dark matter create superpowers?

User can to create or wield weaponry with power over dark matter, which grants the user a wide variety of dark matter-based abilities, including generation, transmutation, and creation of constructs, along with volatile abilities involving normal universal matter or antimatter.

Can dark matter hurt you?

Could dark energy and dark matter be part of God’s will?

I suppose it could. Dark energy could be God’s Hand, and dark matter could be God’s Will. Dark matter pretty much holds most of our universe together. It is responsible for the gravity that holds galaxies together. Dark energy expands our universe, creating new galaxies and new expanses of space.

What do you think about dark matter?

Dark matter, and/or Dark energy is the existence of the devil. The more we research it the more it becomes a plausible dominant force for some. The pursuit of understanding should support your core beliefs. For example God said he is the evidence of the sight unseen.

Is dark matter needed to form galaxies?

Dark matter is needed to form stars and galaxies in the big bang theory. But galaxies don’t form naturalistically by themselves. They can’t. The Bible says that on Day 4 of Creation Week, God “… made the stars also.” (Genesis 1:16) That means God created the stars, and hence the galaxies also, at that time.

How much of the universe is made of dark matter?

The WMAP satellite showed that the Visible Matter we see around us (including the mountains, planets, stars, and galaxies) makes up a paltry 4% of the total matter and energy content of the universe. According to WMAP, 23% of the universe, is made up of a strange, undermined substance called Dark Matter.. but is totally invisible.