Can you take your own food on Brittany Ferries?

Can you take your own food on Brittany Ferries?

Can you take your own food onboard a Brittany Ferries Ferry. As long as you can carry it from your car to the main decks you can take your own food on board and this is a great option to save some money.

Is there a microwave on Brittany Ferries?

On board you’ll find changing areas, microwaves, high chairs and lifts for buggies. You can also request a cot for your cabin.

Do you get towels on Brittany Ferries?

There’s options for every style and budget so you’re sure to find a choice that’s perfect for you. And don’t forget our reserved seat options too. All cabins are en suite and air-conditioned with bed linen, towels and toiletries provided.

Why has Brittany Ferries Cancelled sailings?

Brittany Ferries cancels Plymouth sailings as France introduces new seven-day quarantine. Cross-channel transporter Brittany Ferries has scrapped sailings from Plymouth and other ports to France after the French government imposed a seven-day quarantine – and has blamed the UK Government for its decision.

Is breakfast included on Brittany Ferries?

Breakfast: Inclusive breakfast is our continental selection with juice and hot drink included. You can upgrade to include a hot English breakfast for just £6.25 extra.

Can you drink the water on Brittany Ferries?

Take a large bottle or 2 of water with you if concerned. Or Water will be sold in the shops on board. We’ve just travelled 12 days across the Atlantic using cabin water with no issue, If concerned email or ring the Ferry line.

Are there any ferries to France?

The most popular ferry operators for France are Euro Tunnel, Brittany Ferries, P&O Ferries and DFDS. There are many different ferry ticket options for you to choose from – prices can vary due to times of the year, the number of passengers, what route you are taking, and if you are bringing your car with you.

Is there a kettle in Brittany Ferries cabins?

A travel kettle and mugs. Tea and coffee facilities are not provided in the cabins.

Do Brittany ferry cabins have showers?

All of our cabins are ensuite, air conditioned and have fresh linen and towels. Soap and shower gel are also provided in case you want to freshen up and you’ll also find at least 1 continental plug socket to use or to charge any electrical appliances that you may have.

Is there a problem with Brittany Ferries?

Brittany Ferries said an engine fault delayed the departure from Bilbao of its Salamanca ferry by 26 hours. The vessel is powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG) and was hailed as being cleaner and reducing emissions. It is due to return to Portsmouth at 22:00 BST with knock-on delays expected for future sailings.

Do I have to wear a mask on Brittany Ferries?

All passengers and crew must wear a mask in public areas, other than when they are seated to eat or drink. As a French flag company, we operate under French law and this ruling applies to all passengers aged 6 years or over. 2. Face coverings in the form of bandanas or scarves are not permitted.