Did Ronaldo play in 2004 Euros?

Did Ronaldo play in 2004 Euros?

Ronaldo marked his EURO debut against Greece on 12 June 2004 with a goal – his first for Portugal! – and coming into these finals he had registered eight more across 21 finals appearances.

Where did Ronaldo play in 2004?


Club Season League
Manchester United 2003–04 Premier League
2004–05 Premier League
2005–06 Premier League

How many did Ronaldo score for Portugal?

Article summary. Cristiano Ronaldo has scored a staggering 115 international goals for Portugal.

What Ronaldo did for Portugal?

In 2015, Ronaldo was named the best Portuguese player of all time by the Portuguese Football Federation. The following year, he led Portugal to their first major tournament title at Euro 2016, and received the Silver Boot as the second-highest goalscorer of the tournament.

Who was top scorer Euro 2004?

Milan Baroš
Latvia secured their first participation in a major tournament after overcoming Turkey in the play-offs, while Greece returned to the European Championship after 24 years….UEFA Euro 2004.

Campeonato Europeu de Futebol 2004 (in Portuguese)
Top scorer(s) Milan Baroš (5 goals)
Best player(s) Theodoros Zagorakis
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Where was Ronaldo playing in 2005?

Cristiano Ronaldo | Football Stats | Manchester United | Season 2005/2006 | Soccer Base.

Can Ronaldo play CF?

A display of what positions Cristiano Ronaldo has played in over the last 50 matches including his average matchrating on the specific position….Played Positions (Last 50 Matches)

Forward (Centre) 39 7.6
Forward (Right) 7 8.1
Attacking Midfielder (Right) 4

Which country has Ronaldo scored the most?

the Portugal national team
Since then, he has become the current all-time record goalscorer for the Portugal national team, and the highest overall men’s international goalscorer in history, having scored 115 goals in 186 appearances.

Why Ronaldo didn t play for Portugal?

Why has Ronaldo been left out? The 36-year-old is absent from the Red Devils squad because of a hip injury. Ronaldo missed training with United on Friday and Rangnick felt it would be best to leave him out of the weekend’s clash.

Why is cr7 not playing for Portugal?

Cristiano Ronaldo has been left out of Portugal’s squad for the impending international break after holding talks with manager Fernando Santos, per CNN.com.