Do they still sell View-Master?

Do they still sell View-Master?

Both editions of the View-Master VR were discontinued in November 2019, and the Experience packs can no longer be installed by new users.

What age is a View-Master for?

ages 3 years
The View-Master is recommended for ages 3 years and older.

Are View-Master reels worth anything?

View on pricing Condition determines value. As with any other paper collectible, it is important that View-Master reels be free of mold, mildew, brown foxing spots, etc. Reels missing scenes are virtually worthless. Those reels with paper blisters (a result of heat/moisture) are valued at less than 1/4 of mint reels.

What is a View-Master?

A mass consumer device marketed as a toy, the original View-Master came with thin cardboard disks, or reels, containing stereoscopic pairs of small Kodachrome photographs that when viewed through the apparatus created the illusion of three-dimensional scenes.

Who invented View-Master?

Charles Harrison, (born September 23, 1931, Shreveport, Louisiana, U.S.—died November 29, 2018, Santa Clarita, California), American industrial designer whose creations included such iconic consumer items as polypropylene trash cans (including those with wheels) and the plastic version of the 3-D View-Master …

Can you make your own View-Master reels?

Using a digital camera and Photoshop, users can create custom reels that fit a standard View-Master. It is painstaking work, layering tiny pieces of slide film to produce a 3D image, and the maker of the kit recommends using tweezers, a head-mounted magnifier and a light table.

How do I clean my View-Master slides?

A Microfiber Cloth. You have to be positive that there is nothing abrasive remaining on the film or you will scratch it. Take the cloth and carefully rub the image on both sides, this should remove stuck dust and debris.

What came before the View-Master?

In 1931, prior to the View-Master, the company Tru-Vue released black and white stereoscopic filmstrips, each of which had 14 pictures on them that passed through the little viewer horizontally.

Why was View-Master discontinued?

Due to the old age the apps are no longer supported.

Where is the View-Master made?

The View-Master stereoscopic slide viewer has been a popular children’s toy since the 1950s. For nearly half a century, View-Masters were made exclusively at a factory located on Hall Boulevard in Beaverton, Oregon.

How big is a View-Master reel?

View-Master Reels consist of a disk 9cm in diameter. Each disk contains 14 pictures, which comprise of 7 stereo pairs. Sawyers and Gaf reels used Kodachrome film and the colours last very well, even after 60 years. 99% of all reels were made either in the USA or Belgium.