Does CPT code 58662 include lysis of adhesions?

Does CPT code 58662 include lysis of adhesions?

A Code 58662 (laparoscopy, surgical; with fulguration or excision of lesions of the ovary, pelvic viscera, or peritoneal surface by any method) would cover the removal of the left ovarian excrescences, but does not capture the lysis of adhesions.

Can 58661 and 58662 be billed together?

If a physician removes the ovary on 1 side, but removes an ovarian cyst on the other, and if the payer agrees with this interpretation of the code, you might be able to bill both 58661 and 58662 (which covers both removal and aspiration of the ovarian cyst), placing the modifiers -RT (right side) and -LT (left side) as …

Does CPT 58662 include biopsy?

Report 49321 — laparoscopy, surgical; with biopsy — for the peritoneal biopsy and, since it is the lesser service, add the -51 modifier….LAPAROSCOPIC SURGERY CPT CODES 49320, 58661.

CPT Code CPT Description ICD -9 Procedure
58662 with fulguration or excision of lesions of the ovary, pelvic viscera or peritoneal surface by any method 6525

What are bundled and unbundled procedures?

In other words, the two codes in an NCCI edit are “bundled” together. Unbundling occurs when multiple CPT codes are used to report component parts of the procedure, either unintentionally or in order to increase payment.

When can you bill for lysis of adhesions?

Code 58660, Laparoscopy, surgical; with lysis of adhesions (salpingolysis, ovariolysis) (separate procedure), can be reported in addition to the primary procedure, only if dense/extensive adhesions are encountered that require effort beyond that ordinarily provided for the laparoscopic procedure.

What is the CPT code for lysis of abdominal adhesions?

CPT Code Brief Description
58660 Laparoscopy, surgical; with lysis of adhesions (salpingolysis, ovariolysis) (separate)
58559 Hysteroscopy with lysis of intrauterine adhesions (any method)
56441 Lysis of labial adhesions
58740 Lysis of adhesions (salpingolysis, ovariolysis)

What is a 58662?

The current laparoscopic code is 58662: “Laparoscopy, surgical; with fulguration or excision of lesions of the ovary, pelvic viscera, or peritoneal surface by any method.” Typically, surgery takes 80 minutes from “skin to skin.” All codes are valued to include typical pre-operative and post-operative tasks (such as any …

Does CPT code 58661 need a modifier?

There is a CPT Assistant article from Jan. 2002 that stated code 58661 was a unilateral procedure, so modifier -50 should be appended when the procedure is performed bilaterally.

What is the CPT code for peritoneal biopsy?

In 2018, the CPT code 38573 (Laparoscopy, surgical; with bilateral total pelvic lymphadenectomy and peri-aortic lymph node sampling, peritoneal washings, peritoneal biopsy(ies), omentectomy, and diaphragmatic washings, including diaphragmatic and other serosal biopsy(ies), when performed.)

What is the correct CPT code for endometrial cryoablation with ultrasound guidance?

Hysterosalpingography after radiofrequency endometrial ablation and hysteroscopic sterilization as a concomitant procedure….

58356 Endometrial cryoablation with ultrasonic guidance, including endometrial curettage, when performed

What does the CPT 58662 refer to?

I have a question about CPT 58662. The CPT describes this as “lesions of the ovary.” If the surgeon removes one on the left and another on the right, can you bill this with the 50 modifier?

What services cannot be reported with code 58661 under any circumstances?

Based on American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, it states “Services that cannot be reported with 58661 under any circumstances- Lysis of adhesions (44005, 44180, 58660 and 58740)”. Therefore, if code 58740 is submitted with code 58661 only 58661 will reimburse.

What is the difference between code 58740 and 58661?

Anthem Central Region bundles 58740 with 58661 based on the National correct coding Initiative Edits, code 58740 is listed as a component code to code 58661.

Is there a word’or’between partial and total in code 58661?

The word “or” between “partial or total” within the descriptor of code 58661 indicates this already.