Does Volcom make wetsuits?

Does Volcom make wetsuits?

Volcom wetsuits is a lifestyle brand driven by design and quality. Inspired by art, music, films, athletes, and clothing, Volcom delivers a line of wetsuits that combine creativity, style, and function.

Are Matuse wetsuits warm?

Because Geoprene is 98% water impermeable compared to neoprene’s 65 – 69%, Matuse claims their wetsuits are 30% warmer, 30% lighter, and longer-lasting which is better for mother nature.

Where are Matuse wetsuits made?

Founded by John Campbell and Matthew Larson in 2005, Matuse is a surf-inspired apparel brand based in Del Mar, California. First establishing itself in the premium niche of the contemporary surf and wetsuit market.

Are AquaTec wetsuits good?

AquaTec Men’s Wetsuits [2mm | 3/2mm | 5/4mm] Full-length wetsuits are an excellent option for open water swimming & all water sports activities. Made using high-grade neoprene material which is non-restrictive for exceptional user comfort whilst in the water.

Are Volcom wetsuits made by feral?

Ryan Burch in Volcom’s new 3/2 back-zip, built by San Francisco’s Feral Wetsuits.

Do vans make wetsuits?

Vans Surf Boot 2 Hi V A crucial companion in cooler climates, the Surf Boot 2 Hi V features 3mm Neoprene for added comfort and warmth around the foot and ankle. An engineered rubber outsole with micro-waffle siping provides maximum grip with minimal thickness, protecting the foot’s connection with the board.

Are feral wetsuits good?

The material is very warm for how thin and light it is, and the seams held up well too. My suit ranked up there as one of my longest lasting and most durable. I do like smoothskin panels for when the wind is really stiff, but overall Feral makes a great suit.

Are Osprey wetsuits good?

In our opinion, our Osprey wetsuits are the best balance available for technical performance, practicality and price. All our wetsuits are quality, value for money products; we do not sell any of the cheap, inferior wetsuits commonly available in resorts.

What’s the best wetsuit for open water swimming?

What is the best wetsuit for open-water swimming?

  • Best overall wetsuit: Orca Openwater Core Hi-Vis Wetsuit.
  • Best women’s wetsuit for flexibility: Zone3 Azure Women’s Wetsuit.
  • Best men’s wetsuit for beginners: Zone3 Azure Men’s Wetsuit.
  • Best wetsuit for strong swimmers: Orca Openwater Core TRN.

Who makes Volcom wetsuit?

Ryan Burch in the new Volcom 3/2 backzip, built by San Francisco’s Feral Wetsuits. You guys have done some tops and whatnot over the years, and the teamriders have been running the Stone on their private label suits for a few years.

Where are Vissla wetsuits made?

The story as per VISSLA… For starters, all of the wetsuits are handmade in Japan. Our polychloroprene is made of limestone. Polychloroprene (Neoprene) is normally made of petroleum through a chemical process.