How can I get 4G signal in sun?

How can I get 4G signal in sun?

Turn on your mobile data on SETTINGS>Mobile Networks>Data Connection>Select your SUN Sim. 7. Then make your Network Operator as SUN 3G or SUN 4G by SETTINGS>Mobile Networks>Network Operators>Select Manual>Select SUN 3G or SUN 4G>Then select Automatic.

How do I update my SIM to LTE?

How do I upgrade my SIM using the LTE Upgrade SIM?

  1. Turn off your phone. Remove your old SIM and replace it with the LTE Upgrade SIM.
  2. Turn on phone and wait for the SMS instruction from 3723.
  3. Wait for the SMS confirmation.
  4. Restart your phone to complete the SIM upgrade process.

Does Sun Cellular have 5G?

Experience the fastest and more improve Sun Cellular in your hand by using the rebranded Smart 5G sim. Dial *123# to know the latest promo & services with more features and exciting surprise.

Is Smart and Sun signal the same?

A better mobile experience awaits Sun subscribers as Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart), wireless arm of the country’s largest and only integrated telco PLDT, completes the rebrand of Sun Prepaid to Smart Prepaid.

What is non stop surfing in sun?

Non-Stop Surf allows users to fo the following “light” or “casual” internet activities without consuming or depleting any volume data. Web Searching (e.g. Google. Yahoo, Bing etc) Web Reading (e.g. Blog sites, news, sports, entertainment, other articles, etc)

What is Sun unlimited surfing?

Promising a wider coverage nationwide and a “consistent, fast, [and] reliable” connection, Sun Cellular is offering an unlimited Internet browsing with its Unlimited Surf 100 prepaid broadband subscription. It’s a 3-day access to the digital world for just Php100.

How can I upgrade my sun SIM to LTE manually?

How to upgrade to an LTE SIM

  1. Text GET PIN to 7927 for free, using active SIM. The 6-digit PIN is valid for 30 minutes.
  2. Insert LTE Upgrade SIM and enter the 6-digit PIN. Keep your phone idle for 15 minutes.
  3. Restart your phone & wait for the SMS confirmation. Keep your number when you upgrade your SIM.