How do I access Karaf console?

How do I access Karaf console?

Start and connect

  1. Open a command line console and change the directory to $KARAF_HOME .
  2. To start the server, run the following command on Unix: $KARAF_HOME/bin/karaf Respectively on Windows: $KARAF_HOME\bin\karaf.bat.
  3. You are now connected to the Karaf shell!

What is Apache Karaf used for?

Apache Karaf is a modern polymorphic application container. Karaf can be used as a standalone container, supporting a wide range of applications and technologies. It also supports the “run anywhere” concept (on any machine with Java, cloud, docker images, … ​) using the embedded mode.

What is Karaf shell?

Overview. Karaf provides a powerful console and a set of commands that can be used to perform various tasks. Commands can be located in the root shell or in a sub-shell. A sub-shell is a group of related commands, like commands related to the OSGi framework or the log system.

What is a Karaf feature?

Karaf, recognizing that Maven repositories have become very common for storing dependencies, supports using Maven to find features repositories and bundles. As a result, to fetch down a feature repository XML file for Apache Camel and get access to all its features, we can just do: 1.

What is ServiceMix used for?

ServiceMix uses ActiveMQ to provide remoting, clustering, reliability and distributed failover. ServiceMix is completely integrated into Apache Geronimo, which allows you to deploy JBI components and services directly into Geronimo.

How do you pronounce Karaf?


  1. IPA: /kaːˈrɑf/
  2. Audio. 0:02. (file)
  3. Hyphenation: ka‧raf.
  4. Rhymes: -ɑf.

What is fuse Karaf?

Apache Karaf is an OSGi based runtime, it is where our Application bundles run. Fuse uses Apache Karaf as its runtime in which bundles run and collaborate to provide business functionality. Karaf is built on Felix and equinox which are OSGi Frameworks.

How do you deploy bundles in Karaf?

To add it to the deploy directory run mvn clean package from the root folder of your project (Where the pom. xml resides). This will generate a jar file in the target folder. Drag and drop it to the deploy from there.

What is start level in Karaf?

Start Level By default, the bundles deployed by a feature will have a start-level equals to the value defined in the etc/config. properties configuration file, in the karaf. startlevel. bundle property. This value can be “overridden” by the start-level attribute of the element, in the features XML.

What is bundle fuse?

OSGi bundles are often just called bundles. They are the main “things” that you will deploy into JBoss Fuse. You can create a bundle using Maven, just in the same way that you might create a JAR file. To do this, you add the Maven Bundle Plugin to your Maven POM, and set your packaging type to bundle .

How do I deploy to OSGi?

To deploy an OSGi application in WebSphere® Application Server, you import your OSGi application (EBA file) as an asset and create an empty business-level application. You then add a composition unit to the business-level application.