How do I find a good travel guide?

How do I find a good travel guide?

Websites to Find Local Tour Guides – Worldwide

  1. Viator. Viator is the industry leader in tours, activities, attraction tickets and local tour guides with more than 1,300 destinations worldwide.
  2. Tours by Locals.
  3. Getzeeno.
  4. GuruWalk.
  5. Rent a Guide.
  6. With locals.
  7. Tour HQ.
  8. Show Around.

Is Moon a good travel guide?

Moon: Best for Nomads And, with its wide variety, Moon offers the best travel guide books that reach destinations not always reached by competitors.

Which is a better travel guide Fodors or Frommers?

FODOR’S — People tend to think of Fodor’s and Frommer’s as they do the big hotel chains — mainstream, middle-of-the-road Old Reliables. But Fodor’s is pitched a few notches higher than Frommer’s, aimed at a fairly discerning traveler with an appetite for background and the occasional surprise.

What is a tourism website?

A travel website is a website that provides travel reviews, trip fares, or a combination of both. Over 1.5 billion people book travel per year, 70% of which is done online.

Is Kayak a good travel site?

Kayak is a reliable travel booking website, as its purpose is to provide users with the lowest price – whether or not Kayak is the website offering you that price. Kayak also allows you to track prices over time, so you always get the lowest price. Once you book, you receive confirmation of your reservation.

Are Moon guides good?

Ranking second for largest sales in the U.S. is Avalon Travel, the publisher of Moon and Rick Steve’s travel book collections. Though both collections are excellent options, they appeal to very different travelers. The Moon guides are perfect for the relaxed road tripper or outdoor explorer.

Which is better Fodors or Frommer’s?

Both are reliable and comprehensive. Fodor’s is front-loaded with lots of context on culture, history and things one should know before they begin the actual planning. It then includes itineraries for various time periods. Frommer’s is the reverse, kicking off the book with what to do and following it up with context.

What is Lonelyplanet com?

Lonely Planet is an Australian travel guide book publisher. Founded in 1973, the company had sold 120 million books as of 2011.

Is Fodors or Frommers better?