How do I find out what year my registration is UK?

How do I find out what year my registration is UK?

You can find a car’s age using the third and fourth digits of the new number plates. They will either be the last two digits of the release year (17 for cars released March 2017, for example) or the last two digits plus 50 for cars released in September (67 for cars released in September 2017).

What Reg is 1998 plate?

Prefix Letter Age Identifier

1995 N
1996 P
1997 R
1998 S

How old is an S reg car UK?

Car number plate years 1963-1982

Registration year Suffix
1974 N
1975 P
1976 R
1977 S

What year is a 57 plate?

Age identifier

Year 1 March to end August 1 September to end February
2005/06 05 55
2006/07 06 56
2007/08 07 57
2008/09 08 58

What year is 66 plate?

This number is known as the age identifier and will appear on the number plates of new cars in the UK. The digits 66 will show that the car was registered between the start of September 2016 and the end of February 2017.

What year is an reg car UK?

How old is my car?

A reg year 1963
N / P reg year 1996
P / R reg year 1997
R / S reg year 1998
S / T / V reg year 1999

What year is a 70 plate?

Things got a little confusing when the second cycle of reg plates was released in September as we’re still in the year 2021 but the Age Identifier would read 71 instead of 21….

2017/18 17 67
2018/19 18 68
2019/20 19 69
2020/21 20 70

What year is 60 reg plate?

New Style Age Identifier For UK Number Plates

Plate From To
60 September 2010 March 2011
11 March 2011 September 2011
61 September 2011 March 2012
12 March 2012 September 2012

What year is C Reg?

C reg year (C??????) – 1st August 1985 to 31st July 1986. D reg year (D??????) – 1st August 1986 to 31st July 1987. E reg year (E??????) – 1st August 1987 to 31st July 1988. F reg year (F??????) – 1st August 1988 to 31st July 1989.

What year is a 77 number plate?

Number Plate Series Release Dates and Age Identifiers

Age Identifier Release Date (DD/MM/YYYY)
77 series 01-09-2027
78 series 01-09-2028
79 series 01-09-2029
80 series 01-09-2030

What year is 71 plate?

What year is my car?

Numbers on the Plate Month / Year
70 1st September 2020
21 1st March 2021
71 1st September 2021
22 1st March 2022

What is the history of vehicle registration in the UK?

Vehicle registration plates of the United Kingdom. The Motor Car Act 1903, which came into force on 1 January 1904, required all motor vehicles to be entered on an official vehicle register, and to carry alphanumeric plates. The Act was passed in order that vehicles could be easily traced in the event of an accident or contravention of the law.

What is the international vehicle registration code for the UK?

The international vehicle registration code for the United Kingdom is GB (Great Britain and Northern Ireland). From 28 September 2021, it will change to UK. Black number plates with white or silver characters are permitted on older vehicles, if registered under the Historic Vehicle taxation class and constructed prior to 1980.

What is the current registration system for Great Britain?

The current system for Great Britain was introduced on 1 September 2001. Each registration index consists of seven characters with a defined format. From left to right, the characters consist of: A local memory tag, or area code, consisting of up to two letters which together indicate the local registration office.

When did they start putting numbers on car registration?

This process started in 1983 (before then the letters were used as a suffix on the number plate), and ran all the way to 2001. From 2001 car registration years have been signified by numbers which denote the year they were registered. How old is my car?