How do I help my chameleon with MBD?

How do I help my chameleon with MBD?

Adult chameleons should be fed gut-loaded crickets (feeding the crickets collard greens, mustard greens, and squash), dusted with calcium and vitamin powder.

Can MBD be fixed?

Treatment and Prognosis Fortunately, if detected early enough, MBD can often be corrected and reversed through making changes and improvements to the husbandry of the animal by providing the needed or adequate levels of UV-A and UV-B lighting and heating, proper supplementation, and other nutrients.

Can a reptile recover from MBD?

Reptiles affected generally respond well to treatment, and a large proportion of patients see a reversal of many of the less severe symptoms and are able to make a solid recovery. For more extreme cases, complete reversal of symptoms is unlikely, but recovery may still be possible with veterinary intervention.

How do you treat metabolic bone disease in reptiles?

Treatment. Treatment of MBD depends on the severity of the disease. For very mild cases, a switch to a balanced diet and appropriate husbandry may be enough. Severe cases require intensive calcium and vitamin supplementation as well as an increase in high-intensity UVB rays under an exotics veterinarian’s care.

How do you give a chameleon liquid calcium?

You may want to stop the Repta-Aid and give her time to settle in and see it she eats on her own. Put some crickets in a cup and give her a couple days. You can give the liquid calcium in a syringe.

How do you fix calcium deficiency in chameleons?

Use a well-known brand of calcium supplement. If you can, expose your chameleon to natural sunlight for at least a few hours a week. Use common sense about temperature, direct sun, wind and nearby animals. If in doubt, find a good vet that works with reptiles.

How is metabolic bone disease treated?

A balanced diet with adequate amounts of vitamin D and calcium and an adequate amount of physical activity are needed for normal bone metabolism. Your doctor may prescribe osteoporosis medications to help slow the rate of bone loss, and in some cases, to replace the lost bone structure.

How do you treat metabolic bone disease?

What does MBD look like in chameleons?

The reptile will not be able to eat when the jaw or tongue becomes affected and will rapidly lose weight. Other symptoms include broken bones, kinking of the tail, spinal abnormalities such as kinks, curves or bumps, difficulty walking or climbing and general weakness.

What calcium should I give my chameleon?

To supplement a chameleon with calcium you need to lightly sprinkle calcium powder onto the feeder insects and this needs to be done every time you feed your chameleon. The powder you use needs to be one that doesn’t contain vitamin D3. Repcal is the best choice for this because it’s high quality and phosphorus free.

What can I give my chameleon for vitamin A?

Without treatment, the chameleon will die. Offering a variety of well gut-loaded insect and a retinol-containing multivitamin supplement like Repashy SuperVite (2x/month for adults) should provide the vitamin A that your chameleon needs without risking overdose.