How do you catalog a movie?

How do you catalog a movie?

5 Ways to Catalog Your Movies Online

  1. Easily share your collection, ratings, reviews with friends.
  2. Look up your collection via your cell phone while shopping.
  3. Compare online prices to get better deals.
  4. List your collection in social networking sites like Facebook.

How do I categorize movies in a folder?

Here’s the folders I have now:

  1. Films – All.
  2. Films – Animated.
  3. Films – DCOMs.
  4. Films – Documentaries.
  5. Films – Foreign.
  6. Films – Shorts.
  7. Films – Superheroes.
  8. Films – SD.

Is there an app to keep track of your movie collection?

Videobrary is a simple yet powerful app that helps you keep track of the movies and TV series you own and love. Easily fill your collection: Adding movies and TV series is easy as 1,2,3, thanks to the barcode scanner and web research. Needless to say, you can also add movies manually.

How do I make my own movie list?

A movie list maker can be a scrap of paper or a spreadsheet. Or it can just be the watchlist in your favorite streaming service….That’s why one of these recommended movie list makers should make it to your devices.

  1. IMDb Your Watchlist.
  2. JustWatch.
  3. Letterboxd.
  5. Reelgood.
  6. Flickchart.
  7. iCheckMovies.

Is there a DVD catalog app?

Home Library The app lets you store books, CDs, DVDs and all the details that go with them, all after just scanning their barcodes.

How do I organize a large DVD collection?

DVD Storage Ideas

  1. DVD Storage Idea #1: Store your DVDs in binders.
  2. DVD Storage Idea #2: Use DVD slips in a basket or a drawer.
  3. DVD Storage Idea #3: Build a shelf that’s designed to fit your DVDs.
  4. DVD Storage Idea #4: Build a DVD shelving unit on the back of a closet door.

How do I categorize movies in Plex?

Typically, users group them by movies and TV shows, but you can divide them up however you want. If you want to have one collection of movies you share, and another you don’t, give them separate folders. You can further divide your library folders however you prefer, such as adding a new folder for each movie or show.

Is there a discogs for movies?

Now, Discogs is expanding its brand via five different spinoff sites. There’s Gearogs, an audio equipment hub that launched as a public beta site back in March. And now you can indulge your other pop culture loves through its forays into books (Bookogs), comics (Comicogs), films (Filmogs), and posters (Posterogs).

Where can I store my movies online?

  1. pCloud. pCloud is the best choice for video storage for personal users.
  2. is the most secure option for online video storage.
  3. Icedrive. Icedrive is another excellent option for online video storage.
  4. Google Drive. Google Drive is a great option for online collaboration.
  5. IDrive.
  6. MEGA.
  7. Dropbox.
  8. 8. Box.

How do I make a movie list in Excel?

To use the database, enter movie information on the Movies List sheet. Then, select a category or actor, and a report is created on Select Movies sheet, with all the movies that meet the selected criteria. The criteria sheet and Lists sheet are automatically updated, so no changes need to be made to those sheets.