How do you enter cheats on Need for Speed: ProStreet?

How do you enter cheats on Need for Speed: ProStreet?

Select Code Entry > Secret Code from the Career mode menu, then type the following cheat codes and press Enter….Need for Speed: ProStreet Cheat Codes.

Cheat Code Effect
W2IOLLO1 Get $4,000 cash bonus.
L1IS97A1 Get $8,000 cash bonus.
CASHMONEY Get $10,000 cash bonus.
ZEROZEROZERO Unlock Coke Zero Golf GTI.

How do you unlock cars in NFS Pro Street?

Earn 90,000+ Dollars!

  1. Start your console and run NFS PRO STREET GAME.
  2. Now Load your career profile.
  3. Go to the cheat menu and enter this code “UNLOCKALLTHINGS”
  4. Now go back on menu and save your career.
  5. Go back again and reload your career.
  6. Go in your garage, you will find 3-4 new cars.

How do you enter cheats on Need for Speed Underground ps2?

On the main menu, enter the following:

  1. Unlock All Drag Tracks: RIGHT, SQUARE, LEFT, R1, SQUARE, L1, L2, R2.
  2. Unlock All Drift Tracks: LEFT, LEFT, LEFT, LEFT, RIGHT, R2, R1, L2.
  3. Unlock All Circuit Tracks: DOWN, R1, R1, R1, R2, R2, R2, SQUARE.
  4. Unlock All Sprint Tracks: UP, R2, R2, R2, R1, DOWN, DOWN, DOWN.

How many cars are in NFS ProStreet?

Need for Speed: ProStreet features fifty-five vehicles across various manufacturers. Each car is arranged into one of three tiers with each having individual advantages and disadvantages for each of the four event types.

How do you drift in Need for Speed Pro Street?

The physics of Drift in NFS: Prostreet are very different from its predecessors. The player’s car must be a RWD car, or else it will not be able to participate in Drift events. In order to drift, the player must either apply the hand-brakes to the car or perform a clutch kick.