How do you get into the Oceanic Museum in Pokemon Sapphire?

How do you get into the Oceanic Museum in Pokémon Sapphire?

In Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, the player must go to the Oceanic Musuem give Captain Stern the Devon Parts. However, they cannot enter the museum until they have talked to Dock on the first floor of Stern’s Shipyard, who directs them to go to the museum to meet Captain Stern.

Where is Captain Stern in the Oceanic Museum?

Oceanic Museum Talk to the grunt on the right side of the first floor to receive TM46 Thief. Head up to the second floor to find Captain Stern.

Where do I deliver the Devon Goods in pokemon emerald?

Return the Stolen Goods Go back to Rustboro City and give the Devon Worker the stolen goods. He gives you a Great Ball. He lets you visit the Devon Corporation and he asks you to deliver the goods to the Shipyard in Slateport.

Where do u find Captain Stern in Pokemon Emerald?

Captain Stern is an oceanographer who lives in Slateport City.

How do you get the exp share in Gen 3?

You can get exp share after you’re done with the first gym, by retrieving the devon goods and helping out the president. He will ask you to deliver a letter to Steven, and you can find him in the Granite cave by taking the boat to Dewford town. Return to the president and he will award you with the exp. share!

Where is Captain Stern in Pokemon Emerald?

Where is Stern’s shipyard Omega Ruby?

Slateport City
Stern’s Shipyard is a large brown building located next to the ocean. In front of the building are two houses, and around the building are three small wooden boats. It is located in the eastern part of Slateport City, and is where the S.S. Tidal was constructed.

Where is Captain Stern after you give him the Devon Goods?

Give The Devon Parts To Captain Stern Go into Stern’s Shipyard. It’s an orange building near the southeast of Slateport.

Where is Steven in Pokemon Emerald?

A collector of rare stones, Steven is the son of the president of the Devon Corporation, and makes his home in Mossdeep City. In the Hoenn-based games, he wanders the region, aiding the player on their journey. In Pokémon Emerald, he is no longer the Champion, with Wallace taking his place.

What do you do after delivering the letter to Steven?

Now that you have delivered the letter to Steven, go back and talk to Mr. Briney. He says that the Devon Parts need to be delivered to Slateport, and he will take you to Route 109. That’s your next destination.

How do I deliver the Devon Parts to Captain Stern?

Give the Devon Parts to Captain Stern It’s an orange building near the southeast of Slateport. You will find Dock there. Dock is in charge of designing the ferry. He asks you to go to the Oceanic Museum to give Captain Stern the parts.