How do you get the secret ending in Hotline Miami?

How do you get the secret ending in Hotline Miami?

In Chapter 19 you will come across a computer that requires a password. Finding this password entails tracking down a series of letters hidden across the various chapters of the game. Finding these letters and accessing the computer will unlock a secret ending that reveals hidden story details.

What happens when you complete the puzzle in Hotline Miami?

Completing the puzzle gives access to the secret ending in Resolution by using the computer in that level. It is unknown how the Biker can discover the password in-universe, since all the puzzle pieces are found in Jacket’s levels.

How do you get A+ in Hotline Miami?

How to get A+ on every level

  1. Tactic 1. SPEED. Pick Brandon and beat the level as fast as you can for time bonus.
  2. Tactic 2. COMBO. Pick Zack and try to make the biggest combos.
  3. Tactic 3. EXECUTIONS.
  4. Good Luck! Tactic 3 works best for me.

Does Hotline Miami 2 have a secret ending?

Jake’s Secret Ending / Secret Level He then takes us to his office, Jake finds something on his desk, a floppy disk with weird coordinates…”What could it mean?” Jake pondered… however the corresponent pulls out a gun & shoots him, ending his life.

Does Hotline Miami have multiple endings?

Bookmark this question. Show activity on this post. In Hotline Miami 1 there were two different endings in the Motorcycle Guy storyline.

What does the owl mask do in Hotline Miami?

The Rasmus Mask is a mask obtainable in Hotline Miami. The mask resembles an owl, and when worn by Jacket, the puzzle pieces and hidden masks bounce slightly and become easier to spot.

Is there multiple endings in Hotline Miami?

How do you unlock Nigel the bat?

To obtain the “Nigel the Bat” mask you will have to get the “true” ending on the 19th chapter. To do that you will have to find all 16 letters-one for each of Jacket’s story chapters (see the Letter Locations part of the wiki).

How do you get an A in Hotline Miami?

To unlock this achievement the player must score a rating of A+ on every chapter in the main story that has grading, including the two of Biker’s. This means: The Prelude. Chapters 1 through 17, excluding Chapter 12 and Final Chapter.

Are there multiple endings in Hotline Miami?