How do you say God in all languages?

How do you say God in all languages?

  1. Bosnian: Bože. Bulgarian: Бог Catalan: Déu. Cebuano: Dios. Chinese (Simplified): 神 Chinese (Traditional): 神 Corsican:
  2. Indonesian: Tuhan. Irish: Dia. Italian: Dio. Japanese: 神 Javanese: Gusti Allah. Kannada: ದೇವರು Kazakh:
  3. Polish: Bóg. Portuguese (Portugal, Brazil): Deus. Punjabi: ਰੱਬ Romanian: Dumnezeu. Russian: Бог Samoan: Atua.

How do you say praise God in different languages?

This page provides all possible translations of the word praise the lord in almost any language.

  1. سبح الربArabic.
  2. chvála pánoviCzech.
  3. Gud ske tak og lovDanish.
  4. Preiset den HerrnGerman.
  5. δόξα τον κύριοGreek.
  6. Gloru la EternulonEsperanto.
  7. alabado sea el SeñorSpanish.
  8. ستایش ستایشPersian.

How do you say blessing in different languages?

In other languages blessing

  • American English: blessing /ˈblɛsɪŋ/
  • Brazilian Portuguese: bênção.
  • Chinese: 幸事
  • European Spanish: bendición.
  • French: bénédiction.
  • German: Segen.
  • Italian: benedizione.
  • Japanese: ありがたいもの

How do you say Allah in different languages?

In other languages Allah

  1. American English: Allah /ˈælə, ˈælɑ/
  2. Arabic: الله
  3. Brazilian Portuguese: Alá
  4. Chinese: 安拉
  5. Croatian: Alah.
  6. Czech: Alláh.
  7. Danish: Allah.
  8. Dutch: Allah.

What is the Greek word of God?

Greek “θεός ” (theos) means god in English.

How do you say God in African?

Mungu is a common Bantu term for God. Some other Bantu languages use a variant form, Mulungu.

What we call King in different languages?

How to Say king in European languages | Ways to say king in European languages

S.No say king In Dutch language
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How do you say worship in different languages?

In other languages worship

  • American English: worship /ˈwɜrʃɪp/
  • Arabic: يَعَبُدُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: venerar.
  • Chinese: 崇拜
  • Croatian: obožavati.
  • Czech: uctít.
  • Danish: tilbede.
  • Dutch: vereren.

What is blessing called in Sanskrit?

The Sanskrit term adhiṣṭhāna (Sanskrit: अधिष्ठान; Tibetan: བྱིན་རླབས, THL: jinlap; Japanese: 加持 kaji; Thai: อธิษฐาน àtíttǎan) is the name for initiations or blessings in Vajrayana Buddhism.

How do you say miracle in different languages?

In other languages miracle

  • American English: miracle /ˈmɪrəkəl/
  • Arabic: مُعْجِزَةٌ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: milagre.
  • Chinese: 奇迹
  • Croatian: čudo.
  • Czech: zázrak.
  • Danish: mirakel.
  • Dutch: mirakel.

What is the other name of God?

Maker, Providence, Supreme Being, Yahweh. (also Jahveh or Yahveh)