How do you say times in French math?

How do you say times in French math?

We can use fois (times) or multiplié par (multiplied by).

What is the word math in French?

French Translation. mathématiques. More French words for mathematics. les mathématiques noun.

How do you tell time in French?

To tell the time in French, you use the phrase: il est … heures.

  1. Il est une heure – It’s one o’clock.
  2. Il est deux heures – It’s two o’clock.
  3. Il est trois heures – It’s three o’clock.

What do you need for math in French?

The following list covers most terms you’d need in a French math class….Find an app to learn French.

mathematical operation une opération mathématique
algebra l’algèbre (f)
arithmetic l’arithmétique (f)

What does Somme mean in French math?

[sɔm ] feminine noun. Mathematics) sum. faire la somme de to add up. 2. (=

Should mathematicians learn French?

It is not really necessary to know any French grammar, though it may help. You basically need to understand vocabulary, but that is easy: most mathematical words in French are immediately recognizable by an English-speaking mathematician. More of them can also be recognized with some trainings.

How do you say 9 15 in French?

The French translation for “quarter past nine (9:15)” is neuf heures et quart. The French, neuf heures et quart, can be broken down into 4 parts:”9 (nine)” (neuf), “hours; o’clock” (heures), “and” (et) and “quarter” (quart).

What is Somme in English?

somme, la ~ (f) (addition) sum, the ~ Noun. addition sum, the ~ Noun.

What does qui Somme mean?

(*Using Word and Sentence Splitter) qui: who; whom. sommer: summon; dun; exhort; call upon; charge; order; command; remind; subpoena; send for; announce; notifying; give notice of; giving notice of; urge; remind strongly; remind forcefully.