How do you use compadre?

How do you use compadre?

He referred to the Mexican president as a compadre. Among Stuart’s most important compadres were his fellow Mississippians B. B. King and the Staple Singers. “Culturally, we have a trust that ‘this guy’s not going to do me wrong, he’s my compadre,'” she said.

Who says compadre?

In the US, wherever there are people who speak Spanish, it is traditional to accept one another as compadre, or compay, etc., when you share that very close bond.

Where does the word compadre come from?

compadre (n.) “companion,” 1834, American English, from Spanish compadre “godfather,” hence “benefactor, friend,” from Medieval Latin compater, from com “with, together” (see com-) + pater “father” (see father (n.).

What is a synonym for compadre?

(also abetter), accomplice, ally, collaborator, confederate.

Are godparents compadres?

At the moment of baptism, the godparents and natural parents become each other’s compadres (the plural form compadres includes both male and female co-parents). The female equivalent of compadre is comadre (Spanish: [koˈmaðɾe], Portuguese: [kuˈmaðɾɨ], Brazil: [kuˈmadɾi]).

What is a compadre relationship?

Get Friendly With the Definition of Compadre In Spanish, a child’s father and godfather are, to each other, “compadres” – that is, “co-fathers.” “Compadre” is also a traditional term of reverence and friendship for a man. The equivalent feminine term in Spanish is comadre.

What is another word for friend or pal?

In this page you can discover 31 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for pal, like: buddy, friend, bosom-friend, chum, enemy, associate, sidekick, brother, amigo, crony and accomplice.

Does comadre mean godmother?

What is the difference between compadre & padrino?

English translation: Compadre= your child’s Godfather; Padrino= your Godfather.

What do you call the parent of your godchild?

A godparent (also known as a sponsor, or gossiprede), in infant baptism practicing denominations of Christianity, is someone who bears witness to a child’s christening and later is willing to help in their catechesis, as well as their lifelong spiritual formation.

How to say “compadre” in English?

co·ma·dre. feminine. godmother (of a child) relación mother of the child (in relation to the godmother) partera midwife. colloquial alcahueta go-between, procuress. THE AMERICAN HERITAGE® SPANISH DICTIONARY by the Editors of the American Heritage Dictionaries.

What does the name Compadre mean?

The term compadre is used to describe the process of making a computer. The word “companion” is derived from the Latin compadre “godfather,” hence “benefactor, friend,” from Medieval Latin compater, from com “with, together” (see com-) + pater “father” (see father).

How do you say Comadre in English?

comadre Literal translation is your co-mother. Typically reserved to identify someone who has a special shared responsibility with you, most commonly in raising a child. Most often in cases where the woman is the person you selected to be the godmother of your child.

What does compadre mean in English?

The equivalent feminine term in Spanish is comadre. … In English, compadre means “friend and can refer to a person of either sex.” “Comadre” continues to appear occasionally in English contexts, but it is not yet well enough established to merit entry in English dictionaries.