How does FleetBroadband work?

How does FleetBroadband work?

FleetBroadband is a maritime satellite internet, telephony, SMS texting and ISDN network for ocean-going vessels using portable domed terminal antennas. These antennas, and corresponding indoor controllers, are used to connect phones and laptop computers from sailing vessels with the rest of the world.

What is difference between Inmarsat B and C?

Inmarsat-B provides voice, data and fax services at a speed of 9.6 kbit/s and a high speed service at 56, 64 or 128 kbit/s. Inmarsat-B uses a rather large dish antenna which has to be kept pointed to the satellite. Inmarsat-C is a low speed data services which uses a small omni directional antenna.

What is Inmarsat C and Fleet 77?

In 2003, Inmarsat launched Fleet 77, a new maritime satellite service that gave ocean-going vessels access to global voice, data and fax communications.

How many regions does an INMARSAT communication divided?

These are four geographical divisions named as A1, A2, A3 and A4. Different radio communication systems are required by the vessel to be carried on board ships, depending on the area of operation of that particular vessel.

How does Inmarsat C work?

Inmarsat C is a two-way store and forward communication system that transmits messages in data packets in ship-to-shore, shore-to-ship and ship-to-ship direction.

Which communication services are available in the Inmarsat FBB system?

FleetBroadband is our flagship seamless voice and robust, data service that provides cost-effective operational and crew communications, real-time weather updates, port information, video conferencing, email and internet access at sea.

When Inmarsat-B and Inmarsat-C terminals are compared?

INMARSAT-B antennas are bulkier but omni-directional, while INMARSAT-C antennas are smaller and parabolic, for aiming at the satellite. INMARSAT-B antennas are parabolic and smaller for higher gain, while INMARSAT-C antennas are larger but omni-directional.

What is Les in Inmarsat-C?

Inmarsat-C is a two-way, packet data service operated by the telecommunications company Inmarsat which operates between mobile earth stations (MES) and land earth stations (LES). It became fully operational after a period of pre-operational trials in January 1991.

When Inmarsat B and Inmarsat-C terminals are compared?

How many satellites does Inmarsat use?

The Inmarsat satellite constellation consists of 13 satellites in a geosynchronous (GEO) orbit approximately 22,000 miles above the earth. The satellites are positioned to transmit radio beams in two global configurations covering the oceans and major land masses.

When Inmarsat B and Inmarsat C terminals are compared?