How is Jantri calculated in Gujarat?

How is Jantri calculated in Gujarat?

Based on the unit rates fixed by the Gujarat government, the property registration charges and stamp duty are calculated. Jantri provides details of the value of land in an area at a particular time according to the market value of that land.

What is Jantri rate in Gujarat?

Jantri rate is the minimum price of land or building in a particular area. The revenue department of Gujarat government decides price (Jantri) of each land depending on its Location.

How is land price calculated in Gujarat?

Jantri gives in-depth details of a land’s value in a particular area, referred to as the market value of land in Gujarat. The rate of Jantri was last revised in 2020 by the Gujarat government & you can check this on the official state website (

What is Jantri rate in Surat?

Recently the State Government has taken a decision to increase 50% flat to the Jantri of 1999 and 5% increase every year till any other decision.

What is the meaning of Jantri?

Jantri rates are the minimum price of land / building in a particular area or Jantri is the government document which specifies the market price of the land and buildings.

What is Gamtal land?

Gamtal Means all land that has been included by the Government. Gujarat High Court.

How much is stamp duty on a property?

The stamp duty rate ranges from 2% to 12% of the purchase price, depending upon the value of the property bought, the purchase date and whether you are a multiple home owner. Anyone purchasing an ‘additional’ residential property will be charged a 3% surcharge on each of the threshold bands.

What is the cost of 1 Bigha in Gujarat?

Its price is rs. 3lacs per bigha.

How can I get index 2 online in Gujarat?

Gandhinagar: Online search for property registered in sub registrar offices of Gujarat government will be possible by accessing website. Details available on Indext-2 record will be accessible in read only format for free of cost through online search on this website.

What is stamp duty Gujarat?

Stamp duty in Gujarat is levied by the State government for registering a property in Government records. Stamp Duty in Gujarat. The basic rate of stamp duty. 3.5%

Who pays stamp?

the home buyer
Who pays stamp duty? It is always the home buyer who pays stamp duty, not the seller. Usually, your solicitor will pay it on your behalf as part of the purchase process.