How long does Coast Guard graduation take?

How long does Coast Guard graduation take?

about 45 minutes
Graduation is a formal military ceremony and will begin promptly at 11 a.m. in the gymnasium or on the parade field, as weather permits. The ceremony will last for about 45 minutes. After the ceremony is concluded, recruits are free to depart.

What do you wear to a Coast Guard graduation?

What is the dress code for families attending the ceremony? Casual to semi-formal. Dress-up jeans or khakis with a nice shirt is okay, or you can step it up with a suit or dress.

What dates are Coast Guard boot camp?

Coast Guard Boot Camp Dates

Ship Date Graduation Company
10/22/2019 12/13/2019 Charlie
10/29/2019 12/20/2019 Delta
11/19/2019 1/10/2020 Echo
12/3/2019 1/24/2020 Foxtrot

Is Coast Guard the hardest boot camp?

While the Coast Guard might be considered the easiest military branch in terms of physical fitness, it is by far the hardest to join.

How many months do you train for PCG?

six months
Sibayan said the training, which will last for six months, will hone the skills of recruits in military drills, basic soldiery, and customs and traditions of the PCG.

What happens after Coast Guard graduation?

When you graduate from the program, you’ll receive a commission in the Coast Guard at the rank of ensign (O-1), and will be required to serve a minimum of three years on active-duty. You may be assigned to a ship, flight training, a staff job, or to an operations billet ashore.

How many people are allowed at boot camp graduation?

FOUR guests
Again, recruits are permitted to invite up to FOUR guests to graduation, (THREE guests when 11 or more divisions are graduating,) NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE AUTHORIZED for additional guests.

What is the easiest boot camp?

Easiest Military Branch to Get Into—The Basic Training Stage

  • The Navy has Boot Camp, which lasts for 8 weeks.
  • The Marine Corps has Recruit Training, which spans 12 weeks.
  • The Air Force has Basic Military Training, which takes 8.5 weeks.
  • The Coast Guard has Recruit Training, which lasts for 8.5 weeks.