How long is the Atlanta BeltLine Trail?

How long is the Atlanta BeltLine Trail?

Using a 33-mile network of multi-use trails, the Atlanta BeltLine is creating a new public realm – offering a pedestrian-friendly environment which promotes walking, jogging, biking, and affordable housing.

What’s the Atlanta BeltLine?

Atlanta BeltLine, Atlanta’s spectacular outdoor space, comprises 22 miles of unused railroad tracks circling the core of the city’s in-town neighborhoods. From trails and walkways to open green space and parks, the Atlanta BeltLine connects people to neighborhoods, dining and cool places throughout the city.

Is the Atlanta BeltLine finished?

The multi-use trail is anticipated to be complete by early 2022. Details on each Westside Trail segment can be found in our design and construction updates section: Segment 3 and Segment 4. Rendering of the Atlanta BeltLine Westside Trail along Marietta Boulevard looking south.

Where is Atlanta’s BeltLine?

The Westside BeltLine is a yet unpaved mixed-use green space in the Atlanta Metropolitan region. Established on the site of a former railroad line, the Westside BeltLine links the neighborhoods of West End, Adair Park, Washington Park, and Vine City.

Can you walk the entire BeltLine in Atlanta?

Yes, the whole thing. And yes, we were in some pain the next day. But man, was it worth it. We went with a small group of great people and walked more than 19 miles around the heart of Atlanta.

Can you bike the entire Atlanta BeltLine?

It started as a Master’s thesis by Ryan Gravel in 1999 and has become Atlanta’s most iconic feature, transforming disused rail lines into 33 miles of walking and biking paths.

Is the Atlanta BeltLine safe?

Is The Beltline Safe? The Beltline is safe, from the Eastside trail to the Southside. While there have been occasional crimes committed, there haven’t been any big headlines other than nightly protests on one part of the project or another.

What does the term beltline mean?

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Can you drink alcohol on the Beltline?

(Note: Alcoholic drinks are not permitted on the Beltline, so finish before you leave each destination.)

Is Atlanta Beltline safe at night?