How many languages does Jean-Claude Van Damme speak?

How many languages does Jean-Claude Van Damme speak?

Jean-Claude Van Damme/Languages

Is Rob Van Dam and Jean-Claude related?

The 48-year-old is known for his unique move set, but also has an uncanny resemblance to action star Jean-Claude Van Damme. RVD is not related to the action star from the 80s and 90s, but was recently asked how the name came about. The 48-year-old claimed the name wasn’t his idea despite the resemblance to Jean-Claude.

Was Jean-Claude Van Damme a real fighter?

Van Damme trained for 4 years and earned a spot on the Belgium Karate Team. He won the European professional karate association’s middleweight championship as a teenager, and also beat the 2nd best karate fighter in the world. His goal was to be number one but got sidetracked when he left his hometown of Brussels.

What happened to Jean-Claude Van Damme?

He’s still making Kickboxer movies Before he expanded his range with science-fiction action movies laced with martial arts, such as Universal Soldier and Timecop, Van Damme played to his background with a string of martial arts-based movies.

Are Dolph Lundgren and Jean-Claude Van Damme friends?

Jean-Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren got along with each other during production and became friends.

How old is Jean Claude?

61 years (October 18, 1960)Jean-Claude Van Damme / Age

Was Chuck Norris a fighter?

Carlos Ray “Chuck” Norris (born March 10, 1940) is an American martial artist and actor. He is a black belt in Tang Soo Do, Brazilian jiu jitsu and judo. After serving in the United States Air Force, Norris won many martial arts championships and later founded his own discipline Chun Kuk Do.

Why did Dolph Lundgren and Jean-Claude Van Damme fight?

Apparently, their fake feud at the Cannes Festival was staged by Van Damme for publicity. As Van Damme has explained in the past, the idea came about as a response to Stallone and Schwarzenegger dancing at the previous year’s festival and the media attention it received [via YouTube].