How many players is Descent board game?

How many players is Descent board game?

Descent: Journeys in the Dark

The box for the game’s First Edition
Manufacturers Fantasy Flight Games
Players 2-5
Setup time < 30 minutes
Playing time 2 to 4 hours

Is descent 2nd Edition Good?

Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition) is a brilliant introduction to dungeon crawling games and even the base game comes with an expansive campaign, a comprehensive modular tile system, lots of varied heroes and monsters and a very well written rule book.

How many scenarios are in descent?

sixteen quests
Powered by its fully integrated free companion app, Descent: Legends of the Dark puts you in the role of a budding hero with their own playstyle and abilities. Together with your unlikely companions, you’ll begin an unexpected adventure—an adventure told across the sixteen quests of the Blood and Flame campaign.

What is Descent board game?

Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition is a board game in which one player takes on the role of the treacherous overlord, and up to four other players take on the roles of courageous heroes.

Is descent 2nd Edition done?

FFG shut down the line for Descent 2nd edition a couple of years ago. They still do reprints from time to time, but the last new product was Lost Legends, a single deck of cards that filled out the missing numbers in the hero class selections.

What happened to descent underground?

Unfortunately, the game never ended up being released due to a publisher dispute. Roughly eight months later, the game’s publisher Little Orbit filed a lawsuit against developer Descendent Studios, alleging that the developer breached its contract (among other issues).

Is descent 2nd Edition out of print?

It’s “out of stock” and it’s been said by their customer service reps that they are not reprinting much of D2e as their focus is on Descent LotD. This does not mean it’s completely “out of print” as several of us have been able to see restocks of hero/monster packs and even Shadows of Nerekhall.

What is Star Wars Imperial assault?

Imperial Assault is a strategy board game of tactical combat and missions for two to five players, offering two distinct games of battle and adventure in the Star Wars™ universe!

Can you play descent with 6 players?

My board game group and I started Descent: Journey Into the Dark, 2nd Ed. last night. This group usually fluctuates between 4 and 6 players and this session we had five, the upper limit for the game. Everyone had a great time beating me to a pulp, as I was the Overlord; the heroes won all three encounters with ease.

Who owns Descent?

Descent 3 and Mercenary were developed by Outrage Entertainment, which was led by Toschlog. Interplay is still selling the Descent: Freespace Battle Pack on Interplay purchased the Freespace intellectual property from publisher THQ and developer Volition in 2013.

How many levels are in descent?

30 levels
Descent features 30 levels, of which three are secret levels. Each level is based in a mine or military installation in various locations in the Solar System.