How much do online teachers make in India?

How much do online teachers make in India?

Online Teacher Salaries

Job Title Salary
Teach For India Online Teacher salaries – 2 salaries reported ₹26,681/mo
Self Online Teacher salaries – 2 salaries reported ₹714/hr
Tech Mahindra Online Teacher salaries – 1 salaries reported ₹27,166/mo
BYJU’S Online Teacher salaries – 1 salaries reported ₹995/hr

How do I start online teaching from home?

Getting started with Online teaching in India: A stepwise guide for beginners

  1. Step 1: Choose a subject. The first step is to determine your subject of interest.
  2. Step 2: Know your audience.
  3. Step 3: Making the course pattern.
  4. Step 4: Selling the course.
  5. Step 5: Choose the Platform to Sell.

Which platform is best for online teaching in India?

5 Best Learning Platform You Need To Learn

  • 1.) Praadis Education(PIE) Praadis is one of the unique sites out there in the internet space and it is among the Top 10 best Learning app in India.
  • 2.) BYJU’s.
  • 3.) Unacademy.
  • 4.) Vedantu.
  • 5.) Khan Academy.

How can I do online tutoring from home in India?

How To Become A Tutor

  1. Sign Up With The Platform. Get started by filling up a simple registration form and upload the required documents.
  2. Get Profile Verified. Your tutor account will be approved after thoroughly assessing your profile.
  3. Mark Your Availability.
  4. Take class and start earning.

How can I teach in Unacademy?

What is the process to become an Unacademy Educator? The app is self-explanatory. Please make a demo lesson where you are explaining any concept or topic. Our review team will go through your lesson and will either approve the demo or will ask you to remake the demo, with suggestions for improvement.

Which app is best for teaching online?

18 Best Online Teaching Apps That Help You Teach Online

  • Digital Class.
  • StudyBlue Flashcards.
  • Zoom.
  • Google Meet.
  • Kahoot.
  • Quizizz.
  • Schoology.
  • Educaciones.

How can I earn from Vedantu?

How much does an average teacher earn on Vedantu? On an average, teachers earn more than INR 15000 per month. Assuming a teacher devotes a minimum of 2 hours per day, he/she can easily earn between INR 18000-20000 per month.

How can I teach on Unacademy?

How to become an Unacademy Educator? Download the Unacademy Educator app from the Android Play Store. Once you download the app you will need to apply to be an Educator by submitting a 3 minute demo lesson. Create this demo lesson with full passion, and give a preview of how well you can teach a particular topic.

What is the qualification for online tutor?

Hence, there are no standard qualification requirements you need to possess in order to register yourself on Superprof. You can register yourself as a subject tutor even if you do not have any professional degree in that particular subject.

What is the salary of Namo Kaul?

The salary of namo kaul sir is around 4 to 5 lakhs rupees per month . because he is top physics Educator and co-founder of JEET advanced on unacademy coaching platform.

How much earn from Vedantu?