How much does Canadian Blood Services pay?

How much does Canadian Blood Services pay?

The average Canadian Blood Services salary ranges from approximately $61,460 per year for an Event Coordinator to $367,279 per year for a Vice President. The average Canadian Blood Services hourly pay ranges from approximately $16 per hour for a Donor Services Representative to $47 per hour for a Registered Nurse.

What is it like working at Canadian Blood Services?

It is a very busy workplace and very physically demanding on Mobile Clinics that we travel on every second week. The work is rewarding as it it a vital service and i feel like I am part of someone’s voluntary good deed to donate blood.

Is Canadian Blood Services a government agency?

Canadian Blood Services (French: Société canadienne du sang) is a non-profit charitable organization that is independent from the Canadian government. The Canadian Blood Services was established as Canada’s blood authority in all provinces and territories except for Quebec in 1998.

What industry is Canadian Blood Services?

Canadian Blood Services is one part of Canada’s broader network of healthcare systems and is the only national manufacturer of biological products funded by Canada’s provincial and territorial governments.

How much does Canadian Blood Services pay nurses?

The typical Canadian Blood Services Nurse salary is $130,218 per year. Nurse salaries at Canadian Blood Services can range from $121,838 – $184,087 per year.

Can I make money donating blood?

You don’t get paid for traditional Red Cross blood donations, since experts worry it would encourage donors to lie about their health, and potentially taint the blood supply, for a paycheck. But since blood plasma is mostly used to make pharmaceutical products — not for blood transfusions — donors can be compensated.

How many employees does Canadian Blood Services have?

Canadian Blood Services corporate office is located in 1800 Alta Vista Dr, Ottawa, Ontario, K1G 4J5, Canada and has 3,474 employees.

What is the rarest blood type in Canada?

AB negative
AB negative is identified as the least common blood type in Canada; less than one per cent of the population has it.

Do hospitals pay for blood in Canada?

Canadian Blood Services does not and will not pay donors for blood, plasma or any other kind of donation. Many headlines lately have stated Canadian Blood Services has not ruled out paying donors. These headlines are remarkably misleading.

Who owns the blood bank?

The organization comprises a network of about 120 donation centers across the U.S. and are the sole blood provider to about 900 hospitals across the United States….Vitalant.

Formerly Blood Systems Inc.
Products Blood and blood products
Owner Vitalant