How much is FlyAway bus from Union Station to LAX?

How much is FlyAway bus from Union Station to LAX?

Take the train to L.A. Union Station and hop onboard the FlyAway bus to LAX by using one Metrolink ticket….LAX FlyAway Tickets to/from Union Station.

Passenger Fare
Union Station One Way Additional Child $9.75
Union Station Round Trip Adult $19.50

How do you get to LAX from Amtrak?

The Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is not very close to any Amtrak station, but the nearest is Union Station in downtown L.A. Via car, the station is about 30 minutes away from the airport, or choose the LAX Flyaway Bus for direct bus service between Union Station and LAX in about 35 minutes without traffic.

Does LAX have an Amtrak station?

Los Angeles, CA – Union Station (LAX) | Amtrak.

Does Amtrak go straight to LAX?

You can ride Amtrak to Los Angeles, either directly, or by connection, from almost anywhere in the United States. Travelers from Chicago, New Orleans, Seattle and other cities take the Amtrak to Los Angeles, daily. See the Amtrak schedule and fare information to Los Angeles.

How long is the FlyAway from Union Station to LAX?

LAX FlyAway operates a bus from Union Station FlyAway – 800 N Alameda St at Union Station / Patsaurus Plaza to LAX Terminal 1 Upper Level FlyAway Stop every 30 minutes. Tickets cost $10 and the journey takes 33 min.

Where does the FlyAway drop off at LAX?

FlyAway buses drop off passengers on the Upper/Departures Level of each terminal. At LAX, passengers board these buses on the Lower/Arrivals Level in front of each terminal at the blue FlyAway sign.

How long does LAX FlyAway take?

The Union Station FlyAway runs every 30 minutes and takes about 45 minutes point to point. At LAX, passengers board buses on the Lower/Arrivals Level in front of each terminal under the green “FlyAway, Buses and Long Distance Vans” signs.

Are there shuttles from Union Station to LAX?

The LAX FlyAway® buses offer convenient regularly scheduled round-trips, seven days a week, between each terminal at LAX and the locations of Van Nuys and LA Union Station.

Where is the FlyAway at Union Station?

The Union Station FlyAway service operates from Bus Stop 1 at the Patsaouras Transit Plaza at Union Station East. The FlyAway ticket kiosk is on the south end of the plaza near Bus Bay 1. Parking is available in the parking garage located under the bus plaza. The entrance is on Vignes Street.