Is Accountable Healthcare Staffing legit?

Is Accountable Healthcare Staffing legit?

Is Accountable Healthcare Staffing a good company to work for? Accountable Healthcare Staffing has an overall rating of 4.1 out of 5, based on over 196 reviews left anonymously by employees.

Who owns accountable healthcare?

Mitsui & Co., Ltd.
Accountable Healthcare Staffing is a subsidiary of Mitsui & Co., Ltd. (“Mitsui”). Mitsui is one of the most diversified and comprehensive trading, investment and service enterprises in the world, with 139 offices in 66 countries as of May, 2017.

What is a local nursing contract?

A local contract nursing jobs provide nurses with flexibility when they want to stay close to home, and allows the flexibility to experience a variety of facilities. A local contract job is based on the proximity, usually less than 50 miles, of the nurse’s primary residence to the facility.

How do you get out of a nursing contract?

Be up front with them and tell them the reason behind wanting to dissolve your contract. Being a healthcare professional, you agreed to a contract and should have a good reason for wanting to sever it. When contracts are dissolved is often the time where you will find out how good your travel company might be.

How much do local travel nurses make?

Hourly: The average hourly rate for a travel nurse is $56.49. However, recently-licensed travel nurses tend to earn a much lower starting salary of $37.71 while their more experienced counterparts earn an average of $82.06.

What happens if you break a nurse contract?

You will not be reported to your state board of nursing for breaking your contract. It’s pretty much guaranteed you will be assigned a Not Eligible for Rehire status when you break a contract. If you work for a large organization, it could mean you will not be hired at any of their facilities.

What happens if you quit a nursing contract?

Much like any other job, leaving without proper notice or breaking an already-signed agreement can be detrimental to your career. Whether it is with the staffing agency or healthcare facility, your chances of being able to work with them in the future are quite low if you do not provide proper notice.

What is the highest paid travel nurse?

Telemetry Travel Nurses hold one of the highest-paying travel nursing jobs, earning approximately $130,870 annually. This wage is equal to $62.92 hourly, $2,517 weekly, or $10,910 monthly.

Why do hospitals pay travel nurses so much?

They allow medical facilities to reduce their staffing costs and also help them to fill in the gaps when there is an increase in need.

Can I quit my nursing contract?

Is there a not return list for nurses?

A DNU can be issued by a hospital, a hospital system, or an agency. When it’s issued by a hospital, the traveler will be banned from returning to that particular hospital. When it’s issued by a hospital system, the traveler is banned from working with any hospital within the entire hospital system.

How often do nursing contracts get Cancelled?

According to an article in Healthcare Traveler, agencies surveyed reported cancellation rates of as low as 5% to as high as %20 depending on the agency. The article also asserts that cancellations by the traveler are most likely to occur before the assignment starts but after the contract has been accepted.