Is Ashley Monroe still married?

Is Ashley Monroe still married?

Monroe is married to John Danks, a former professional baseball player, with whom she shares one son, 3-year-old Dalton William Danks.

Where is Ashley Monroe from?

Knoxville, TNAshley Monroe / Place of birth

How old is Ashley Monroe country singer?

When is Ashley Monroe’s birthday and How Old is Ashley Monroe? Ashley was born on September 10th, 1986 which makes her 35 years old.

Who is Ashley Monroe’s father?

Larry MonroeAshley Monroe / Father

Are the Pistol Annies married?

“Now the Pistol Annies have three husbands, two ex-husbands, three children, a stepson and 23 animals,” Lambert said. “We’ve done a lot in nine years!” Lambert revealed she secretly tied the knot with McLoughlin in February.

Who did Ashley Monroe marry?

John DanksAshley Monroe / Spouse (m. 2013)

How is Ashley Monroe doing now?

Nashville singer-songwriter Ashley Monroe says she’s “doing really well” after doctors diagnosed her earlier this year with a rare blood cancer.

Who is Ashley Monroe related to?

Early life. Ashley Lauren Monroe was born on September 10, 1986, in Knoxville, Tennessee. to Larry and Kellye Monroe (née Dalton). She has one older brother, Chad. She is not related to Bill Monroe.

Where are the Pistol Annies from?

Nashville, TNPistol Annies / Origin

Why did the Pistol Annies break up?

In August 2014, Angaleena Presley confirmed that the group was on temporary hiatus, saying that due to the success of Lambert’s and Monroe’s solo careers, the band “just had to take a little break but never say never.” Whilst promoting their appearances at the 2016 C2C festival, both Miranda Lambert and Ashley Monroe …

Is Miranda Lambert still part of Pistol Annies?

Pistol Annies are back — and getting in the holiday spirit as only they can. The country trio, comprised of Miranda Lambert, Ashley Monroe and Angaleena Presley, announced on Thursday that they’ll release their first Christmas album, titled Hell of a Holiday, on Oct.

What is John Danks doing now?

John is currently living in Nashville, Tennessee with his wife (country music singer Ashley Monroe) and 2.5 year old son.