Is Bandcamp safe?

Is Bandcamp safe?

Credit card payments made through Bandcamp are encrypted using Transport Layer Security (TLS), and credit card information is held in a PCI compliant environment.

Is Bandcamp any good?

Bandcamp is an excellent way to get your music heard, make money off it, and reach loyal supporters. The only major downside of Bandcamp is that it offers so many tools for artists that you can go for months without discovering all of them—we’ve done our best to cover the most important ones here.

Do artists make money from Bandcamp?

Still privately owned, Bandcamp has managed to turn a profit while giving 80-90% of their revenue to artists every year since 2012. Bandcamp appears to be the rare music industry player informed first and foremost by the musicians.

How much of a cut does Bandcamp take?

Bandcamp simply takes a 10% revenue share of these sales. For bands, it’s a bit like setting up a merch table at a virtual venue. (Venues, especially big ones, typically collect a percentage of merch sold on their premises.)

Is it safe to download music from Bandcamp?

There are many safe websites to get free music, such as Bandcamp, Jamendo and However, no site is really safe unless you’re fully protected from viruses and spyware.

Why does Bandcamp take a cut?

We collect our 10-15% revenue share, plus payment processor fees, at the time of sale. Because Enhanced Payments requires sellers to retrieve shipping information from their Merch Orders page rather than PayPal, it is not compatible with PayPal’s shipping label tools at this time.

Who runs Bandcamp?

Ethan Diamond
When Ethan Diamond founded Bandcamp in 2008, he imagined it an alternative to MySpace: an easy-to-use website where bands could interact with fans and sell music. Bandcamp would take care of the fiddly stuff – transcoding music into different formats, payments, analytics – and take a 15% cut of every sale.