Is Canfor a Canadian company?

Is Canfor a Canadian company?

(Canfor) is a leading Canadian integrated forest products company based in Vancouver, British Columbia (BC), involved primarily in the lumber business, with production facilities in Canada (British Columbia and Alberta) and the United States (North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi) and forest …

Who owns Canfor Corp?

Jim Pattison
Great Pacific Capital Corporation, which already owns 51 per cent of shares in Canfor, will purchase the remaining 49 per cent at $16 each, in a deal that is estimated at more than $980 million.

Who is the CEO of Canfor?

Don Kayne (May 5, 2011–)Canfor / CEO

Is Canfor a private company?

Canfor Corp. has agreed to be taken private by a company controlled by billionaire Jim Pattison. Great Pacific Capital Corp., which already owns 51 per cent of the B.C.-based lumber producer, will acquire the remaining Canfor shares it does not already own for $16 per share in cash.

Who founded Canfor?

Poldi Bentley and John Prentice left Austria just before the Second World War. They relocated their families to England, and then to British Columbia after their family business – one of the largest sugar mills in Austria – was nationalized by the Nazis.

What does Canfor mean?

Canfor means Canadian Forest Products Ltd.

How many employees does Canfor have?

With operations in Western Canada, Southern United States and Sweden, and sales offices across the globe, you can find Canfor products throughout the world. Headquartered in Vancouver, the company has a global workforce of over 7,000 employees.

Who started Canfor?

John G. Prentice
Roughly 75 percent of the company’s overall sales are made in North America. A Canadian company with Austrian heritage, Canfor was founded by John G. Prentice and his brother-in-law, Leopold Bentley.

How many mills does Canfor own?

Canfor is a leading global supplier of pulp and paper products, with four mills in British Columbia – three in Prince George and one in Taylor.