Is germanium a miracle cure?

Is germanium a miracle cure?

The health claims made for germanium aren’t well supported by research. According to the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, there’s no scientific evidence to support its use for treating arthritis, HIV, or AIDS. Human studies also suggest it’s not suitable for treating cancer.

What does germanium do for the body?

There have been claims that germanium may be beneficial for health, including improving the immune system, oxygen supply in the body, and destroying free radicals. According to Healthline, germanium has also been considered to be beneficial in treating allergies, asthma, arthritis, HIV/AIDS and various forms of cancer.

Can germanium cure cancer?

Earlier lab experiments suggested it may act as an antioxidant, and a product derived from germanium had some anticancer activity in the lab. However, human studies showed it has adverse effects and is not suitable as an cancer treatment. No scientific evidence supports this use.

What are the dangers of germanium?

Inorganic (elemental) germanium is LIKELY UNSAFE. This includes certain compounds such as germanium oxide. There have been more than 30 reports of kidney failure and death linked with use of these forms of germanium. It builds up in the body and can damage vital organs such as the kidneys.

What are 3 uses for germanium?

Germanium is used to manufacture rectifiers, transistors and weapons-sighting systems and used as a fluorescent material. Alloying agent. Germanium can also be used as a catalyst to produce plastics.

How do we use germanium in everyday life?

In addition to its applications in electronic devices, germanium is used as a component of alloys and in phosphors for fluorescent lamps. Because germanium is transparent to infrared radiation, it is employed in equipment used for detecting and measuring such radiation, such as windows and lenses.

What is germanium found in?

1886Germanium / Discovered

Is germanium naturally occurring?

Germanium, categorized as a metalloid in group 14, the Carbon family, has five naturally occurring isotopes….Characteristics.

Atomic Number: 32
Atomic Weight: 72.59
Atomic Radius: 122.5 pm
Series: Metalloid
Group: 14

Why is germanium so expensive?

Product Description. Although not terribly rare, germanium is ten times more expensive than silver due to the expense of getting it to 99.999% purity, as in this sample (which happens to be the most commercially available grade). The pieces resemble broken glass in shape but have a wonderful yellow-green tinge.

What are 3 common uses of germanium?