Is it a boatload or Buttload?

Is it a boatload or Buttload?

While “boatload” isn’t an exact measurement, “buttload,” as it turns out, may be. A “butt” is an old word for a large cask used for transporting commodities such as wine, I now know.

Where does the term Buttload?

The Old French “bot” referred to a barrel or wineskin (same origin as bottle—a small bot), and was itself derived from the Latin “buttis” or cask. A standard butt held two hogsheads (108 to 140 gallons). Thus, a butt-load would commonly be four butts, or somewhat over 450 gallons.

How much is a Buttload of beer?

A butt is a large cask used to store and transport beer/wine/ale … A butt of beer is 108 Imperial gallons, which is a lot of beer. A big butt load to be precise (and that ain’t no lie).

How many liters is a Buttload?

An empty butt, in turn, can hold about 125 to 150 gallons (475 to 550 liters) of wine, whiskey, ale, etc. A full cask of those? That’s a buttload.

How much is a metric assload?

Surface Area: 1 assload = 4.395 x 10^26 cm^2 which is approximately 8.62 x 10^9 times the surface area of earth. “metric ass-load” is a unit of measure invented in the early 40’s by the Royal Navy.

What’s a boatload?

1 : a load that fills a boat a boatload of passengers. 2 : an indefinitely large number or amount a boatload of criticism a boatload of money. Synonyms & Antonyms More Example Sentences Phrases Containing boatload Learn More About boatload.

How much is a Hogs Head?

The term hogshead is almost always used for beer, ale, or wine — although you can use it as a unit of measurement for anything that comes in a big wooden barrel. A wine hogshead is about 79 gallons, but there tends to be some variation on the exact amount.

How many barrels is a Buttload?

So, in terms that we all understand, a butt of wine is approximately 126 gallons. That’s compared to a standard wine barrel that contains about 60 gallons. So, technically, a buttload of wine is roughly two standard barrels.

Is Assload a real measurement?

It’s an outdated term referring to a large cask used for liquids (esp. beer, wine, or water) or a specific unit of liquid measurement equivalent to 108 imperial gallons, or 491 liters. So yes, a buttload is a whole lot of liquid and it’s very specific.

What is an assload?

Noun. assload (plural assloads) An amount carried by an ass or donkey. quotations ▼ (slang, vulgar, US) A large amount.

Where did the term a boatload come from?

From ancient times till today, boats, ships, etc. have served for transportation, military uses, and hauling cargo. Quite a few common phrases have nautical origins. Boatload, for example, means how many passengers or how much cargo it takes to fill a boat or ship.

What is a boatload of money?

2 : an indefinitely large number or amount a boatload of criticism a boatload of money.