Is Lalitha Jewellery gold is pure or not?

Is Lalitha Jewellery gold is pure or not?

Lalitha jewellery don’t have quality gold. They are cheating the public. So please don’t buy gold from here.

What is the gold rate in Hyderabad Lalitha Jewellers?

Monthly Scheme

Andhra Pradesh: Rs. 4720.00 Rs. 66.40
Telangana: Rs. 4720.00 Rs. 66.40
Karnataka: Rs. 4720.00 Rs. 66.40
Salem: Rs. 4720.00 Rs. 66.40

Is it is good to buy jewellery from Lalitha Jewellery?

It is Very Cheated Jewellery Shop so be aware from this Jewellery shop. DON’T BUY GOLD, SILVER and PLATINUM from LALITHA Jewellery. It is Cheated Organisation.

What’s the gold price today?

Gold Price Today

Current Price £1,467.54 $1,816.51
Today High £1,476.07 $1,825.07
Today Low £1,448.93 $1,808.36
Today Change £+16.42 (+1.13%) $7.08 (0.40%)

Why is the price of gold in Madurai so low?

Gold rates in Madurai are inversely proportional to U.S. Dollar. The fluctuation in Gold rates is due to fluctuation in dollar rate. For US Dollar exchange with Indian currency goes high due to weak global cues or any other factor, gold price in Madurai will become low.

How do I find the hallmark of gold in Madurai?

This hallmarking is done by authorised essaying centers. To find where it is hallmarked and which year is it manfactured and how many karats is the jewellery all these you can find on the logo of BIS hallmark. Better Check all the details before paying the price of gold in Madurai and other cities in india.

Why buy gold jewellery from BIS Madurai?

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) marks gold jewellery in Madurai and in India to ensure you that the jewellery is of very high quality. This ensures that you are getting the best quality for the price of gold in Madurai you are paying for. This hallmarking is done by authorised essaying centers.

What is the current price of gold in India?

Mirroring the same global gold rate trend, in India, the Mumbai MCX gold in February future quoted at Rs. 48,434/10 grams, fell by 0.33%, till last traded. In Madurai, both of the 22 carat and 24 carat gold rates have remained flat in the southern city today. The price of 22 carat gold is quoted at Rs. 4594 today, yesterday it was Rs. 4594.