Is Nuella still married to Tchidi chikere?

Is Nuella still married to Tchidi chikere?

Nollywood director and actor Tchidi Chikere has celebrated his new lover on Valentine’s Day a year after splitting from his wife, Nuella Njubigbo. The popular filmmaker took to his Instagram page on Monday, February 14, 2022, where he shared a video of the yet-to-be-identified lady.

Is actress Nuella Njubigbo married?

Tchidi ChikereNuella Njubigbo / Spouse (m. 2014)Tchidi Chikere, is a Nigerian movie director who is also a movie producer, scriptwriter, actor, music video director and singer. He has over 100 films and 2 music albums to his credit. Wikipedia

Who is Tchidi chikere married to?

Nuella NjubigboTchidi Chikere / Spouse (m. 2014)

How old is Tchidi chikere?

46 years (October 10, 1975)Tchidi Chikere / Age

Who is ONYI Alex?

Onyi Alex socially recognized as Onyii Alex is a leading and saucy Nigerian Nollywood Actress and model credited for featuring in several movies….

Onyii Alex
Birth Name: Onyi Alex
Stage Name: Onyii Alex
Born: 27 February 1987 (age 35 years old)
Birth Place: Lagos State

Where is Tchidi Chikere from?

Mbaise, NigeriaTchidi Chikere / Place of birth

Where is actress Nuella Njubigbo from?

Anambra, NigeriaNuella Njubigbo / Place of birth

Does Nuella Njubigbo have a child?

Tchidi Chikere and Nuella Njubigbo celebrate daughter’s birthday amid divorce report. They welcomed their daughter in 2014, a year before they tied the knot.

Where is Tchidi chikere from?

Who is Sophia Williams?

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