Was Ballack a success at Chelsea?

Was Ballack a success at Chelsea?

Although ultimately the season ended in disappointment for Ballack and Chelsea, as they were pipped to the league title on the last day and lost the Champion League final on penalties, it proved to be a successful turn around in fortunes for Ballack at the club.

How many goals did Michael Ballack score for Chelsea?

Premier League Record

Appearances 105
Goals 17
Assists 10

Is Ballack a Bayern legend?

Ballack, who made close to 500 appearances for Bayer Leverkusen, Bayern Munich and Chelsea in his legendary career, has mainly been working as a pundit for ESPN since hanging up his boots in 2012.

How many international goals has Ballack scored?

The outstanding German player, who scored 42 international goals in 98 matches for his National Team, has entered the symbolic but exclusive circle of players with Two Score Goals for his national team. All matches are friendlies unless stated otherwise.

Did Ballack win EPL?

Chelsea went on to win the 2009–10 Premier League, Ballack’s first league title in England.

Is Michael Ballack a legend?

Yes, Michael Ballack, a German national team legend. He was once nicknamed the Little Kaiser, referring to his greatness which was predicted to match and even surpass Der Kaiser’s Franz Beckenbauer.

How many trophies has Michael Ballack?

Of course, Ballack has also won a lot during his career: four league titles as well as five national cup competitions.

Who is the unluckiest footballer in the world?

A look at the list of Unluckiest footballers of all time

  • A look at the list of Unluckiest footballers of all time.
  • Michael Ballack.
  • Adrian Doherty.
  • Andres Escobar.
  • Abou Diaby.
  • Owen Hargreaves.
  • Djibril Cisse.
  • Jack Wilshere.

Has Ballack won a trophy?

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