What are different words for weak?

What are different words for weak?


  • asthenic,
  • debilitated,
  • delicate,
  • down-and-out,
  • effete,
  • enervated,
  • enfeebled,
  • faint,

What is meaning of the weak?

Definition of weak 1 : lacking strength: such as. a : deficient in physical vigor : feeble, debilitated. b : not able to sustain or exert much weight, pressure, or strain. c : not able to resist external force or withstand attack. d : easily upset or nauseated a weak stomach.

What is weak example?

The definition of weak is lacking in strength. An example of weak used as an adjective is a weak argument which means an argument that has no evidence to back it up. Lacking physical strength, energy, or vigor; feeble.

What is weak in vocabulary?

weak Add to list Share. Weak is the opposite of strong. Muscles, arguments, defenses, and coffee can all be weak — and when they are, it’s not good. Anything weak is lacking in strength or power. If your muscles are weak, you can’t lift much.

What type of word is weak?

adjective –
Weak is an adjective – Word Type.

What is the opposite weak?

Weak means; poor, low, thin, lacking the power to perform physically demanding tasks. Opposites of Weak; powerful. potent. vigorous.

What is the opposite word of weak?

The most appropriate antonym of the given word ‘Weak’ is ‘strong’.

Is too weak meaning?

adjective. If someone is weak, they are not healthy or do not have good muscles, so that they cannot move quickly or carry heavy things. I was too weak to move or think or speak. His arms and legs were weak. Synonyms: feeble, exhausted, frail, debilitated More Synonyms of weak.

Who is a weak person?

a weak person is one who does not have much determination and can be easily persuaded to do something that they do not want to do. I was feeling weak and agreed to go. He had a weak character, but not an evil one. Synonyms and related words. Weak, and not determined or ambitious.

What is a weak man called?

2 boneless, cowardly, impotent, indecisive, ineffectual, infirm, irresolute, namby-pamby, pathetic, powerless, soft, spineless, timorous, weak-kneed (informal)

How do you say feeling weak?

Synonyms & Antonyms of weakness

  1. asthenia,
  2. debilitation,
  3. debility,
  4. delicacy,
  5. enervation,
  6. enfeeblement,
  7. faintness,
  8. feebleness,

What is a weak woman?

1 lacking in physical or mental strength or force; frail or feeble. 2 liable to yield, break, or give way.