What are Montana Markers?

What are Montana Markers?

Montana ACRYLIC Marker 30mm The Montana ACRYLIC Marker 30mm is a high quality water-based paint marker available in colors black and silver. The highly pigmented paint is light-fast, high covering, water proof and abrasion proof allowing application to almost any… Details.

What are ACRYLIC Markers for?

Acrylic paint markers can be used on paper and canvas, of course, but they also perform well on other surfaces such as glass, wood, and ceramics. You can use them alongside traditional acrylic paint, particularly for highlights, fine lines, and other detail work.

How do you store Montana markers?

Ideally Liquitex Acrylic Markers should be stored horizontally as this makes re-mixing the colour inside the marker easier between uses. Avoid storing them vertically with the nib facing down as dense pigments will collect at the valve, making them susceptible to clogging and re-agitation more difficult.

Can you refill Montana markers?

Our Montana Acrylic Markers or Empty Markers can be easily refilled with our 25ml and 180ml refill ink options or replacement tips – leaving you with thousands of variations to mix individual color choices and stroke widths.

Are Montana acrylic markers permanent?

Permanent paint markers for use on virtually any surface! Montana ACRYLIC Paint Markers are lightfast, waterproof and abrasion-proof — allowing for application to almost any surface, including canvas, wood, metal, glass and walls of all kinds.

Are paint markers the same as acrylic markers?

The vital difference is that they are ink-based as opposed to paint-based and, as such, they behave very differently. Beyond drying fast and working well on white surfaces, they are rather limited. The ink will not show up well on darker surfaces nor work particularly well on porous surfaces.

Should you store paint markers upside down?

#3: If it’s full of paint or really flowy ink, don’t store it upside down! The paint/ink will start to leak out if you store them with the tip down. As long as they’re vertical or horizontal, they’re okay and shouldn’t leak.