What are the funniest phobias?

What are the funniest phobias?

Here is a list of 21 weird phobias you may have never heard of:

  1. Arachibutyrophobia (Fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth)
  2. Nomophobia (Fear of being without your mobile phone)
  3. Arithmophobia (Fear of numbers)
  4. Plutophobia (Fear of money)
  5. Xanthophobia (Fear of the color yellow)

What is Traumatophobia?

According to the DSM-IV classification of mental disorders, the injury phobia is a specific phobia of blood/injection/injury type. It is an abnormal, pathological fear of having an injury. Another name for injury phobia is traumatophobia, from Greek τραῦμα (trauma), “wound, hurt” and φόβος (phobos), “fear”.

What is the advantage of using a butterfly needle?

What are the advantages of a butterfly needle? Butterfly needles have a reduced rate of blood breaking down, reducing the risk of the blood sample damaged. Butterfly needles are better for those with bleeding disorders. Butterfly needles allow intravenous (IV) access using a small needle….

What is a BD device?

The Blu-ray Disc (BD), often known simply as Blu-ray, is a digital optical disc storage format. It is designed to supersede the DVD format, capable of storing several hours of video in high-definition video (HDTV 720p and 1080p).

Why are butterfly assemblies used for venipuncture?

The butterfly needle requires a shallower angle compared to an IV catheter. The smaller-length needle is easier to place more precisely on veins that are especially fragile, small in size, or that roll. Butterfly needles are often used when a person is giving blood, such as for a blood bank.

How can I stop worrying about my blood test results?

10 Ways to Reduce Anxiety While Waiting for Imaging Test Results

  1. Remember that your feelings are normal.
  2. Don’t assume the worst.
  3. Take steps to feel more in control.
  4. Limit how much you look up online.
  5. Keep busy – or keep still.
  6. Stick to your daily routine.
  7. Try taking a walk.
  8. Ask for help.

What do you call the fear of not being good enough?

One of these phobias, which I’ve thankfully addressed and mostly overcome, is atelophobia. Atelophobia is defined as the fear of not doing something right or the fear of not being good enough. In other words, it’s a fear of imperfection. People with atelophobia often subconsciously make perfection their goal….

Why are syringe used for venipuncture?

A Phlebotomist should be completely aware of the wide range of needles, tubes, etc. that they may encounter in the field, including: Syringe – syringes are used to collect blood from patients with small or fragile veins….

What is the syringe method used for?

Abstract. A syringe needle (SN) is commonly used to obtain blood specimens from the femoral vein. The vacuum tube (VT) method avoids the needle stick potential of the SN technique during transfer of blood from the syringe to the collection tubes.

Are Phobias a mental illness?

Phobias are diagnosable mental disorders. The person will experience intense distress when faced with the source of their phobia. This can prevent them from functioning normally and sometimes leads to panic attacks. In the United States, approximately 19 million people have phobias.

What is a syringe transfer device?

A blood transfer device allows the transfer of blood from a syringe into a blood collection tube or a blood culture bottle.

How do you transfer blood from a syringe to a test tube?

Attach the syringe to a blood transfer device by twisting the needle tip into the hub of the device. Push a vacuum blood collection tube into the holder of the transfer device, and let the tube fill to the appropriate level.

How do I get over my fear of blood and needles?

Tips for Overcoming a Fear of Needles

  1. Reframe your thinking. It may sound easier said than done, but consider this: phobias are, by definition, extreme irrational fears.
  2. Try not to worry.
  3. Get your doctor or nurse involved.
  4. Face your fear.
  5. Consider therapy.
  6. Get the shot.

How do you calm down before drawing blood?

How to stay calm

  1. Focus on taking deep, full breaths before getting a blood draw.
  2. Take your headphones and listen to music before and during the draw.
  3. Have the person taking your blood tell you to look away before they bring a needle near your arm.

How do you collect a blood sample using a syringe?


  1. Place a sheathed needle or butterfly on the syringe.
  2. Remove the cap and turn the bevel up.
  3. Pull the skin tight with your thumb or index finger just below the puncture site.

When should you not use a butterfly needle?

Even if the right size needle is used, the needle can become blocked during treatment if not correctly placed. As a rule of thumb, butterfly needles should only be used for IV infusions of five hours or less.

Why am I scared to sleep in my room?

This phobia is also known as hypnophobia, clinophobia, sleep anxiety, or sleep dread. Sleep disorders can cause some anxiety around sleeping. If you have insomnia, for example, you might worry throughout the day about being able to sleep that night….

What are types of phobia?

Common phobias list

  • acrophobia, fear of heights.
  • aerophobia, fear of flying.
  • arachnophobia, fear of spiders.
  • astraphobia, fear of thunder and lightning.
  • autophobia, fear of being alone.
  • claustrophobia, fear of confined or crowded spaces.
  • hemophobia, fear of blood.
  • hydrophobia, fear of water.