What are the major road signs in Kenya?

What are the major road signs in Kenya?

4 Categories of Kenyan Road Signs

  • Class A – Regulatory Signs.
  • Class B – Warning Signs.
  • Class C – Traffic Light Signals.
  • Class D – Carriageway Markings and Kerb Markings.

What is the meaning of the road signs?

A white background indicates a regulatory sign; yellow conveys a general warning message; green shows permitted traffic movements or directional guidance; fluorescent yellow/green indicates pedestrian crossings and school zones; orange is used for warning and guidance in roadway work zones; coral is used for incident …

How many types of road signs are there in Kenya?

In some countries, there are up to 5 types of traffic signs. However, in Kenya there only four. These are classified according to what they indicate and possess unique imagery that is straightforward for drivers to identify.

What does C mean in road signs?

Roads identified with M before the number could point to a motorway and, in States like New South Wales, could suggest it’s a privately owned toll road. A, B and C roads are smaller roads whose size and significance in terms of the size of the population they’re linking is reflected in the prefacing letter.

What is highway Code in Kenya?

The Highway Code in Kenya is a set of rules and guidelines implemented by the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) on how motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians use Kenyan roads. While everyone in Kenya has the right to access any road, they must act responsibly to ensure safety.

What are the classes of road signs?

Highlands Driving School-Mutare

  • danger warning signs.
  • regulatory signs.
  • informative signs.
  • traffic light signs.
  • carriageway markings….

What does B stand for in roads?

B-Roads. A second-class road whose number is prefixed with a ‘B’. Less wide-ranging than other classes of road, B-roads tend to be either minor country roads connecting villages, or town and city streets. B-road numbers are only ever three or four digits long.