What cities are in northern NH?

What cities are in northern NH?

Cities with populations over 10,000 include: Berlin, Claremont, Concord, Derry, Dover, Keene, Laconia, Lebanon, Londonderry, Manchester, Nashua, Portsmouth, Rochester and Somersworth.

What is considered northern New Hampshire?

New Hampshire is a state in the New England region of the United States. It is bordered by Massachusetts to the south, Vermont to the west, Maine and the Gulf of Maine to the east, and the Canadian province of Quebec to the north….

New Hampshire
Longitude 70° 36′ W to 72° 33′ W
Website www.nh.gov

What is the nicest part of New Hampshire?

Taking a combination of these factors into consideration, the following are the 20 best places to live in New Hampshire in 2019.

  1. Hanover. Hanover is considered the best place to live in New Hampshire, says Home Snacks.
  2. Portsmouth.
  3. Exeter.
  4. Hampton.
  5. Durham.
  6. Londonderry.
  7. Milford.
  8. South Hooksett.

What is a good town to live in in New Hampshire?

The Top 15 Best Towns to Live Throughout New Hampshire [2022]

  1. 15 Communities to Call Home. The Granite State is filled with great places to call home.
  2. Portsmouth. (pop.
  3. Londonderry. (pop.
  4. Amherst. (pop.
  5. Exeter. (pop.
  6. Wolfeboro. (pop.
  7. Hanover. (pop.
  8. Dover. (pop.

What is the smallest town in NH?

The smallest is the town of New Castle (0.83 square miles (2.1 km2)).

What is the most miserable city in New Hampshire?

The 20 Worst Places to Live in New Hampshire

  • Somersworth.
  • Concord.
  • Hillsborough.
  • Seabrook.
  • Suncock.
  • Franklin. Franklin isn’t having a great time of it lately.
  • Newmarket. As far as crime goes, you could pick far, far worse places to live than Newmarket.
  • Nashua. Nashua is a medium-sized city of 87,279 people.

What is the prettiest town in New Hampshire?

The 10 Most Beautiful Towns in New Hampshire, USA

  • Harrisville.
  • Jackson.
  • Keene.
  • Littleton.
  • Meredith.
  • Peterborough.
  • Portsmouth.
  • Sugar Hill. Situated up high, Sugar Hill is an enchanting town of tiny proportions providing guests with breathtaking, panoramic views of the White Mountain National Forest.

What is the richest town in NH?

Hampton Falls, New Hampshire
New Hampshire is the eighth wealthiest state in the United States, having a median household income of $76,768 as of 2019….New Hampshire communities by household income.

Rank Community Median household income
1 Hampton Falls, New Hampshire $129,531
2 Bedford, New Hampshire $127,945
3 Amherst, New Hampshire $127,246

What is the wealthiest town in NH?