What college has the most merchandise sales?

What college has the most merchandise sales?

And the winner, for the eighth straight year is the University of Texas. Alabama was second, followed by Notre Dame, Michigan and Kentucky. LSU was sixth, with Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and Arkansas rounding out the top ten. College merchandise sales generate $4.6 billion dollars in revenue.

What colleges have the highest sales in licensed merchandise list the top three?

The University of Texas at Austin once again took the top spot in the annual list released by the College Licensing Co., the largest and oldest licensing agent for NCAA schools. Rounding out the top five are the universities of Alabama, Notre Dame, Michigan and Kentucky.

Which college football team sells the most merchandise?

The top 25:

  • Texas.
  • Alabama.
  • Michigan.
  • Notre Dame.
  • Georgia.
  • Florida.
  • LSU.
  • Florida State.

How much does an average college student spend on clothing?

The average monthly clothing and accessories expenditure for college students is $148.37. In addition to clothing, college students spend money buying shoes and several accessories like bags, pushing their average clothes shopping per month to $148.37.

Which college makes the most money from sports?

Texas tops the list at $144 million, followed by national champion Georgia ($134 million), Michigan ($126 million), Ohio State ($116 million) and Alabama ($110 million).

How much is college football worth?

College Football Value Rankings

Rank School 2018 value ($)
1 Texas 1,105,493,378
2 Ohio State 1,048,166,317
3 Alabama 1,009,903,620
4 Michigan 924,625,003

Which teams sell the most merchandise?

In fact, in terms of overall value and not just merchandising sales, the Yankees were ranked as the most valuable sporting franchise in the world according to a report published by Forbes. They are followed by Dallas Cowboys (NFL), Manchester United, and even LaLiga team Real Madrid round out the top four.

What do most college students spend their money on?

College students are estimated to spend nearly $10 billion on clothing for the 2021-2022 school year….Clothing and personal care

  • Electronics: $306.41.
  • Furnishings: $164.38.
  • Clothes: $158.98.
  • School supplies: $83.56.

What college brings in the most revenue?


Rank School Total Revenue
1 Oregon $391,769,609
2 Ohio State $233,871,740
3 Texas $200,772,813
4 Michigan $192,403,168

Which college sports produce the most revenue?

Football. The biggest revenue producer among college sports is no surprise: It’s football. College football brings in an average of $31.9 million per school per year, financial website Zacks.com reported.