What distillery makes Bushmills?

What distillery makes Bushmills?

The Old Bushmills Distillery
The Old Bushmills Distillery is an alcohol (primarily Irish whiskey) distillery in Bushmills, County Antrim, Northern Ireland, owned by Casa Cuervo….Old Bushmills Distillery.

Founded 1784
Parent Casa Cuervo
Website www.bushmills.com

Where is Bushmills Irish Whiskey made?

Co. Antrim
Since 1608, BUSHMILLS IRISH WHISKEY has been made at Ireland’s oldest working distillery. The Old Bushmills Distillery was granted a license to distill in 1608 in Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland, in a small village along the River Bush.

Is Bushmills the oldest distillery?

Granted a license to distill in 1608, Bushmills is the oldest licensed whiskey distillery in the world.

Is Bushmills closing down?

Bushmills Distillery Closing June-July 2019.

Is Bushmills owned by Jameson?

It doesn’t really matter: both distilleries are owned by huge multinational corporations: Jameson is owned by French liquor conglomerate Pernod-Ricard, and Bushmills by the English company e of it means much, anyway: both distilleries are owned by huge international entities: Jameson by French liquor conglomerate …

Who owns Bushmills Distillery?

Tequila Cuervo La Rojeña
Becle SAB de
Old Bushmills Distillery/Parent organizations

Who owns Bushmills?

How much is Bushmills Distillery tour?

Admission to Bushmills Distillery is a modest £9 for adults with concessions for children (£5) and seniors (£8). The admission price includes a fun guided tour around the site so you can see how the very best Irish whiskey is made. The tour ends with a tasting experience.

Which whiskey is better Jameson or Bushmills?

Both Jameson and Bushmills are excellent sipping whiskeys, but we have to give this round to Bushmills. Bushmills had a lot more interesting flavor nuances that we quite enjoyed dissecting, like citrus, sweet cherry, and vanilla. On the other hand, Jameson was a bit of a one-note, yet still quite good.

Is Bushmills older than Jameson?

Jameson was founded in 1780 by a Scottish guy names John Jameson after he purchased the Bow Street Distillery – one of the biggest distilleries in Ireland at the time -, whereas Bushmills was officially licensed in 1608 by King James I.

Why did Diageo sell Bushmills?

“Selling Bushmills enabled us to access this particular opportunity in a way that is consistent with our strategy and complements our brand portfolio.” A Northern Ireland drinks industry adviser, who did not want to be named, said it was “a good deal for Diageo.

How old is Bushmills distillery?

400 years old
Our original grant to distil was signed in 1608 by King James 1st and there has been distillation on this site since then, using the unique water from our own stream and Irish barley. We are more than 400 years old.

Is Bushmills a good whiskey?

The 15-Year-Old Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey is a perfect example of this style of whiskey. Is Bushmills a good Whisky? Bushmills 1608 has a toffee-like smoothness with vanilla, honey and dried fruit notes. It is warm and inviting and a fine example of craft Irish whiskey. When tasting it straight I liked it best neat, ice seemed a distraction and unnecessary dilution of the whiskey’s sweetness.

Is Bushmills really a Protestant whiskey?

Though legend holds that Jameson is a Catholic whiskey and Bushmills is a Protestant whiskey – it’s more a matter of geography than anything else, as Jameson originates from Catholic-heavy County Cork, while Bushmills hails from Protestant-rich Northern Ireland – subtle differences are used to identify each standard blend.

Where is Bushmills made?

Bushmills Original Irish Whiskey – The foundation of the portfolio,this is the whiskey that is found in most bars.

  • Bushmills Black Bush – A whiskey that concentrates on malt whiskey aged in oloroso sherry casks.
  • Bushmills 10 Year Single Malt – Triple-distilled from 100% malted barley,then aged for 10 years in used bourbon barrels.
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