What do you win in Smtm?

What do you win in Smtm?

The winner of this season is Jo Gwang-il, with Team Gaeko x Code Kunst as the winning producer team. He will receive a prize money of ₩300,000,000 plus album production and ultra-luxury music business support.

Who won Season 9 of Smtm?

Lil Boi
The winner of the season was Lil Boi, with Team Zion. T x Giriboy as the winning producer team. He won ₩100,000,000 in cash, a sports car, and a one-year project label for his music activities, totaling to ₩500,000,000.

Was Dean on Smtm?

It is on broadcast every Friday at 23:00 KST on Mnet….

Show Me the Money 6
Judges Team Dynamic Duo: Choiza Gaeko Team 도박 (DoPark): Jay Park Dok2 Team FANXYCHILD: Zico Dean Team Feel GHood: Tiger JK Bizzy
Winner Hangzoo

Who won high school rapper 3?

Lee Young Ji
Lee Young Ji was crowned the winner in the end, having received 211 votes in the second round for a total of 667 points. Lee Young Ji is now the first-ever female rapper to win on “High School Rapper,” or any rap audition show (with the exception of “Unpretty Rapstar”).

Who is the winner of Smtm 10?

Based on votes by the live audience as well as viewers from home, the winner of ‘Show Me The Money 10’ was rapper Jo Kwang Il! Fellow Team Gaeko & Code Kunst member SINCE came in 2nd place, followed by BE’O in 3rd place, and Koonta in 4th place.

Did Mino Win Show Me the Money?

The fourth season of Show Me the Money (SMTM) premiered on June 26, 2015, airing every Friday evening on Mnet, and ended with its last episode aired on August 28, 2015….

Show Me the Money 4
Winner Basick
Runner-up MINO
Original network Mnet

Did Mino win Smtm?

Did Bewhy won Smtm?

The fifth season of the series Show Me the Money, known as Show Me the Money 5 (also referred to as SMTM5), premiered on May 6, 2016 and ended July 15, 2016….

Show Me the Money 5
Winner Bewhy
Runner-up C Jamm (1st Runner-up) SuperBee (2nd Runner-up)
Original network Mnet

Who won Smtm 777?


Show Me the Money 777
Winner Nafla
Runner-up (1st Runner-up) Loopy (2nd Runner-up) Kid Milli
Original network Mnet

What does SMTM stand for?

Show Me The Money (SMTM; Korean: 쇼미더머니 Syomi Deo Meoni) is a South Korean rap competition TV show that airs on Mnet. The show has grown in popularity since the first season aired in 2012, and it is credited with increasing the South Korean public’s interest in hip hop.

What happened in SMTM season 3?

The third season of SMTM saw a number of prominent Korean hip hop figures’ participation.

Who is the host of SMTM?

The first season of SMTM began airing on June 22, 2012 and was hosted by Eun Ji-won of the K-pop group Sechs Kies. The season paired experienced rappers Double K, Verbal Jint, 45RPM, MC Sniper, Miryo, Hoony Hoon, Joosuc, and Garion with rookie rappers.

Who won the SMTM competition?

Hip hop trio Soul Dive won the competition under MC Meta. Although they’re not popular in the mainstream, they have a niche following with 3 albums. 3. Winner of SMTM3: Bobby of iKON The third season of SMTM saw a number of prominent Korean hip hop figures’ participation including Tablo of EPIK HIGH, Masta Wu, The Quiett and San E among others.