What does ACO stand for aviation?

What does ACO stand for aviation?

Aircraft Certification Offices (ACOs)

What are the responsibilities of the FAA aircraft certification Office?

The Aircraft Certification Service is responsible for the design and production approval, airworthiness certification, and continued airworthiness programs of all U.S. civil aviation products. We support that mission with a training program and oversight of Designated Representatives of the Administrator.

What are the divisions of the FAA?

Staff and Divisions

  • Organizational Performance Division, AIR-300.
  • Policy and Innovation Division, AIR-600.
  • Compliance and Airworthiness Division, AIR-700.
  • System Oversight Division, AIR-800.
  • Enterprise Operations Division, AIR-900.

What is a COA aviation?

COA is an authorization issued by the Air Traffic Organization to a public operator for a specific UA activity. After a complete application is submitted, FAA conducts a comprehensive operational and technical review.

How do you certify a plane?

Airworthiness Certification Process

  1. Registered owner or operator/agent registers aircraft,
  2. Applicant submits application to the local FAA servicing office, and.
  3. FAA determines the aircraft is eligible and in a condition for safe operation.

What is the responsibility of aircraft certifying staff?

A/C Certifying Staff (C/S) means staff authorised by a maintenance organisations to release an Aircraft1 to service, under the EASA Part-145 approval, following line or base maintenance.

How many Fsdo are there?

There are 80 FSDOs covering 77 geographical areas of responsi- bility in the United States to choose from, which can be confusing when searching for the right field office.

How many FAA employees are there?

Aviation is critical to the nation’s economic well-being, global competitiveness, and national security. The Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) 48,000 employees guide aircraft, oversee safety, and maintain air traffic control equipment.

Why do I need a COA?

One of the best things about getting an FAA COA is that it allows organizations to self-certify their drone pilots rather than having to require each of them to go through the Part 107 certification process. However, the FAA doesn’t just grant the privilege of self-certification to any organization.

How much does it cost to certify an aircraft?

The massive cost of certification Certification is estimated to cost $1 million for a primary category aircraft (three seats or less), $25 million for a general aviation aircraft and upwards of $100 million for a commercial aircraft.

What is an EASA cert?

European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Part 145 Approval is a company level certification to the European Commission Regulation standards of design, production, maintenance and operation of aircraft components. An aircraft component is described as any product, part, or appliance installed in European aircraft.