What does DEK mean in hockey?

What does DEK mean in hockey?

Dek Hockey, often used interchangeably with street hockey, gym hockey, or ball hockey – is a variation of ice hockey. Although these terms refer to hockey played on foot with a ball, they have a different level of organization, rink dimensions, and surfaces.

Why is it called dek hockey?

The reason why the sport court tiles are referred to as a “dek” surface is because of the transition of the sport from street hockey onto these specialized surfaces both for indoor and outdoor rinks. The players would state playing ball hockey on “the dek”.

Is dek hockey a sport?

Street hockey (also known as shinny, dek hockey, ball hockey, road hockey) is a collection of team sport variants played outdoors either on foot or with wheeled skates, using a either a ball or puck designed for play on flat, dry surfaces.

What is the difference between dek hockey and ball hockey?

Ball hockey, also known as street hockey or dek hockey, is a competitive, fast-paced sport similar to ice hockey. Ball hockey is distinctive because, instead of skating, players run and play with a hockey ball instead of a puck. These differences make ball hockey a unique sport with its own pace, rules, and appeal.

What is needed for Dek Hockey?

The only equipment needed is a helmet, shin pads, gloves, and a Dek hockey approved stick.

How do you play dek hockey?

Dek Hockey rules stipulate the following: You are not allowed to raise your stick above the shoulder at any time except when in the act of shooting or moving around another player while running. You cannot close your hand around the ball. Official rink dimensions are a minimum of 160 feet in length by 80 feet in width.

Who invented dek hockey?

In 1974, Raymond Leclerc, who is considered the founder of dek hockey, built a model site for where to play dek hockey in Leominster, Massachusetts. In the late 1970s, Canada organized the first provincial and national tournaments, thus forming the Canadian Ball Hockey Association.

What is needed for dek hockey?

Is there checking in dek hockey?

(NOTE) CHECKING OF ANY TYPE IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED IN STREET HOCKEY. (a) A minor or major penalty, at the discretion of the Referee, based upon the degree of violence of the impact with the boards or check, cross-checks, elbows, charges or trips an opponent.

Is dek hockey a contact sport?

Dekhockey is a non-contact , cardio sport that promotes friendly competition and fun.It can be played by people of all ages. WHERE? The only equipment needed is a helmet, shin pads, gloves, runnning shoes and a Dek hockey approved stick, Equipment can be rented at the pro shop for a small fee.

How do you beat dek hockey?

GAME FORMAT: There will be one 5 minute period of overtime in regular season games which first team to score wins. If no goals are scored after overtime it will go to a shootout. After both sides shoot 3 times if one team is ahead then they are the winner. If not it goes player for player until a winner is decided .

How many periods are in dek hockey?

three 15
A game consists of three 15-minute periods, running clock, with 90 seconds between periods. Officials may stop play for injuries or extenuating circumstances.