What does drown out noise mean?

What does drown out noise mean?

/drɑʊn/ (of a sound) to be loud enough to block the sound of something else: The sound of the telephone was drowned out by the vacuum cleaner.

Is it drowned out or drown out?

drown out. 1. To force someone out of one’s home, often due to flooding. A noun or pronoun can be used between “drown” and “out.” Unfortunately, that hurricane drowned us out, and we’ve been staying with relatives ever since.

What’s another word for drowned out?

In this page you can discover 4 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for drown-out, like: overwhelm, muffle, silence and hush.

What does getting drowned mean?

1. to die of suffocation under water or other liquid. 2. to kill by submerging under water or other liquid. 3. to destroy or get rid of by immersion: to drown one’s troubles in drink. 4. to flood or inundate with water or liquid; drench; soak. 5. to overwhelm so as to render inaudible, as by a louder sound (often fol.

Is drown out a phrase?

Drown-out definition (idiomatic) To cover, obscure, or hide by being louder than. He uses the music to drown out other noises around him.

Is drown out a verb?

Today’s phrasal verb is to “drown out.” First of all, to drown is to die from being underwater and unable to breathe. That’s drown. But “drown out” is something different. Drown out means that the sound something makes is covered up, or obscured, by a louder sound.

What does sound out mean?

Definition of sound out : to try to find out the opinions of someone by asking questions They sounded me out on the idea. polls that sound out public opinion.

What are synonyms for Shocked?

synonyms for shocked

  • aghast.
  • amazed.
  • appalled.
  • astonished.
  • dismayed.
  • offended.
  • stunned.
  • astounded.

What is opposite of drown?

Opposite of to be, or cause to be, wet or waterlogged. dehydrate. desiccate. dry. parch.

What is drown in slang?

to be overwhelmed. Last edited on Sep 21 2009.

How do you use the word drowned in a sentence?

Drowned sentence example

  1. A missing girl fell through the ice and drowned while Howie helplessly watched.
  2. Same.
  3. The telephone drowned out his response, and Lisa darted to her room.
  4. These pouch harbours are probably ” drowned ” drainage basins.
  5. You could have drowned me!
  6. Drowned , that was the official conclusion.

What is drown down?

vb. 1 to die or kill by immersion in liquid. 2 tr to destroy or get rid of as if by submerging.