What does JK and JL mean?

What does JK and JL mean?

Wrangler JK Jeeps have five-speed automatic transmission systems. But if you have a JL, then you have an eight-speed automatic transmission instead. This means that the JL model is more environmentally friendly, drives better in the low gear range, and can speed up to 60 mph faster.

Which is better JK or JL?

Jeep Wrangler JK vs JL Identified by Jeep as the “JL” Wrangler, it’s more capable than the “JK” Wrangler it replaced. The JL Wrangler delivers higher levels of modern-day technology, including features such as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility, a blind-spot warning system, and a light-hybrid powertrain.

What is the difference between a JK and a JL Wrangler?

Compared to the JK Wrangler, the JL Wrangler features more extensive use of high-strength steel to cut weight and its wheelbase has been stretched for a more spacious interior. You’ve also got redesigned bumpers that are more durable and that enable superior departure angles.

What years are JK jeeps?

The Jeep Wrangler JK Generation started with the 2007 model year, and will end with this year’s 2017 model offering. It is the third generation of the iconic Wrangler model, and is the successor of the TJ generation, which ended in 2006.

What does MJ stand for Jeep?

CJ – “Civilian Jeep” SJ – (FSJ) “Full Size Jeep” DJ – “Dispatch Jeep” YJ – “Your Jeep” (supposedly…) MJ – “Metric-ton Jeep” (or something like that, I know the M is for Metric)

Is the JL bigger than the JK?

The Wrangler JL is larger than the JK, giving more rear passenger leg room, and larger trunk space. Now that we reviewed the spec dimensions, we can dive into the feature differences and upgrades!

What years are JK Jeeps?

Is the JL quieter than the JK?

The Wrangler JL does use increased sound deadening over the JK, and is quieter overall; however, the top is actually thinner, making wind noise noticeable and sound insulation a must-have upgrade.

Is a Jeep Willys a JK?

Here are all the 2018 JK Wrangler models: Sport. Sport S. Willys Wheeler.

Are JK jeeps reliable?

Consumer Reports gave the 2019 Jeep Wrangler only a 12/100 in terms of reliability. It also made the top three of the website’s Least Reliable Vehicles of 2019 list. Reviews acknowledged the truck’s great off-roading prowess and its incredible engine.

What is Jeep slang for?

Jeep was originally Army slang from the 1940s, a blending of G.P., or “general purpose vehicle.” Definitions of jeep.